GunVault Storage Safes - Your Choice

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GunVault Storage Safes - Your Choice
Price: $13.99 - 15.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Dec 25 to Friday, Dec 26) + transit
Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
9/8/2014 - $14.99 - 17.99

Check out the product page for the NV 200 and NV 300

Are these fireproof? At this price, I’m guessing no, but it is woot, so you never know.

I believe these are also (or still) not CA DOJ approved, so of limited value to some of us.

No, not intended to be. Just a metal case that you can secure to an object like the underside of a car seat if you need to leave your sidearm.

$19.00 - $23.00 with Amazon Prime shipping. This is not that great of a deal.

Question: why does the specs say the price for the NV200 is $12.99 but when you go to order it it says $13.99?

3.78 Stars on the NV 300 at Optics Planet

Should just be a discrepancy in the Features listing. We’ve gone ahead and edited it.

Thanks for spotting the difference!

Too bad. I liked the $12.99 price better.

I have the NV200 sitting on my desk next to me from the previous Woot, excellent device. Definitely in for the 300 this time around, going to mount this one in my truck.

These boxes don’t have any fire insulation.

I’ve written reviews of these gun vaults before, both here on Woot as well as on Amazon. Let me boil it all down once again:


  • Compact, heavy and will fit my .45 semi auto (S&W 4506) with one spare magazine.
  • Good quality hinge, lock and finish. Interior lip keeps lid aligned with base.
  • Heavy enough to deter anyone from thinking about trying to open it while still in your car. They might get your weapon eventually, but they won’t get it quickly.
  • Padded interior prevents scratching of contents.
  • Provided cable helps anchor it to your seat.
  • The local police like it when you at least try to act responsibly.


  • Not perfect security. Given enough time can still be opened with a hammer and a screwdriver.
  • Combination numbers are getting smaller as I get older.
  • My pistol and spare magazine fits snugly inside, but there is no room for anything else. At all.
  • You can access the interior in good time, but this is not a rapid access vault.

= If you are looking for absolute security for your weapon then this is not it. However, it is great to deter the quick smash-and-grab as well as help keep the kids out of trouble.
= Yes, it will slide around if you store it under your seat. However, it is a good size to keep in your console.
= Combination or key lock depending on your preference.
= You will have to make your own judgement between security versus rapid access.
= The foam padding smells bad when you first get it. Let it air out for a day or two before you put it in your car. Trust me on this…

So the NV300 has a combination lock based on the pictures but according to the descriptions the NV200 has a backup key?
I’m confused.

In for two. One for the car and one for the bedside. Still a little PO’ed at Woot for stiffing me on the balance bike we were supposed to get for my daughter for Xmas, but she will take comfort in knowing daddy will always be ready to thwart the efforts of any intruders. The $15 credit somewhat absolves you guys. $21.98 for two of the 300s is hard to argue! Merry Christmas!!!

my question also

The NV300 has a combination lock (no key at all).

The NV200 has a key lock (no combination). It comes with two keys, one of which I guess you can consider to be a “back up key” in case you lose the first one.

Please also note that the NV300 has a knob that sticks up a little. This turns the latch after you enter the combination to open the lid, and explains why the NV300 is a quarter inch thicker than the NV200 per the specs (due to the knob only, otherwise both are the same dimensions).

Easy Peasy.

I was very excited to purchase 2 of the cheaper models on a previous Woot deal. I left them on my kitchen table - still in the plastic packaging. My dog knocked one off the table to chew on the plastic packaging. I came home to find a mess - and a broken gun safe! It broke at the hinges! Assuming from the 4 foot drop to the carpeted floor. I wouldn’t count on this being anything more than a minor deterrent to slow someone down from stealing your stuff. :frowning:

30 cent difference if you include shipping cost - just priced it out. not a great deal at all, if you really want it, you can get it later via amazon.