Gussy Up That Kitchen

Anyone have thoughts or reviews on the wine cellar?

No thoughts on the wine cellar (other than I would like to have it, and may before the day is through), but I DO have the grill/griddle/waffle maker, and IT! IS!! WONDERFUL!!! Very easy to exchange the plates, much larger cooking surface than I assumed it would have when I ordered, the adjustable handle is WONDERFUL for thicker meats (no burning on the back while not touching the front, thus eliminating the flip-AND-rotate found on most indoor grills) makes waffles nicely toasted on BOTH sides, not just too brown on the bottom while still sickly pale on top. I have used this for steaks, waffles, pancakes, burgers, hot dogs, and have even seared some blackened salmon on it, which I was VERY pleasantly surprised with. Overall it just beats other countertop grills to death, IMO.

Hm. It looks very handy for someone without a lot of room for multiple gadgets, actually.

:’’( Missed the popcorn maker.

Got one as a wedding gift. Was great until it broke after about 9 months. Look up reviews - this is a common complaint. I’d stay away.

stay away from the wine cooler! First one i had broke and replaced under warranty. second one died after warranty expires. junk.

I own the grinder. It doesn’t grind fine enough for espresso, and the bean channel clogs up easily with coffee dust and oils due to the fact that the output is very hard to reach. Granted, it is much better than a blade grinder, and a very low price for a burr grinder.

I would say buy this only if you would never be able to afford a better grinder, AND are only grinding for drip/french press.

If it’s anywhere near as good as the Cuisinart version (which we have), then this is a great price, especially considering mine didn’t include waffle plates

Thanks for the info on this, as I’ve been looking for a burr grinder for a while now. The clogging sounds bad, but I’m still not sure…

Everyone needs waffle plates. I know I do.

I also own the Wine Cellar, which coincidently was a wedding gift. I’m not really a vino so I can’t tell you the pluses or minuses, and we sort of only put it on the wedding registry because it was a “why not?” I’ve owned it for 2 years, so here are my plus and minuses so far.


  • Keeps the wine at a steady temperature.
  • Quiet


  • Does not chill fast. Not sure if wine is only suppose to be slowly chilled or not so I could be wrong.
  • LED light on the temperature gauge went out on part of the number
  • Some of my fatter bottles don’t fit very well or have to squeeze in tight which ruined a few labels, but I don’t really care. The two bottles near the LED are tighter than some of the other spots.

Me too but it’s a refurb. I won’t do refurbs if food was involved. Bleh.

Thanks - that sold me on the grill. The GF also started having palpitations over the kettle, and seeing as I am a British tea-purist, and she is the real American in my life, I couldn’t refuse :wink:

I had this coffee grinder and it died about 53 weeks after purchase with daily home use. Spend a little more on the Capresso Infinity Burr grinder for a grinder that will last many years.
Neither of these will work for a real espresso machine. If that’s your thing, you probably already know you need to drop some coin on a nice grinder.

Anyone bought the H2O Kettle 275.03 from woot, just as pictured in Stainless Steel.

Can you share your experience with that Kettle.


The coffee maker is $1.50 cheaper at Amazon.

Interesting. Reviews on Amazon are very mixed and mostly not so good. I’ve been thinking about replacing my giant sized George Foreman especially because of the pain it is to clean, and was hoping this might work, but the surface area seems smaller and reviews as to sturdiness of the plates are very poor.

Got my H2O. Mine arrive as Polish Chrome exterior with inside wall Stainless Steel. From the inside look of it, I think mine is Refurbished and Not New as listed, plus it’s supposed to be all Stainless Steel as listed.

If Woot can contact me Why I got. Polished Chrome and not Stainless Steel.

Other than that, it works Perfectly so far.

That’s a good question, you should contact with your order number and find out!