Gussy Up Your Windows

these curtains are total crap. Very poorly made and not even worth 15.00 I ordered two sets and they sent the wrong ones and I got no help from woot in getting it corrected. Stay away…

So mean for the featured photo to show lovely red curtains that aren’t offered in the sale. :frowning:

better this way since you wont be disappointed at the quality.

I bought 2 pairs of the “blue” curtains last time they were offered on Woot! at this same price. They are actually a blue-green that is not even close to the bright blue shown in the picture. They also do not have grommets at the top as pictured. I do believe they qualify as curtains, so Woot! didn’t completely get the description wrong. I’d like to sell some items to anyone who paid $99.99 for these curtains.

Wooters please share experience with other curtains in this offer, especially the Cityscape panels.

thanks again to the woot! staff my issue has been resolved. Thanks again for always doiung the right thing woot!

So sad, I was excited to buy these curtains, but based on the feedback, looks like I’ll pass.

So are the annecy chocolate grommet panels not really grommet?? Can the woot! Staff confirm this?

I wouldn’t place fault at Woot! for the miss representation since Woot! get the pictures from the manufacturer. The manufacturer provided photos are Photoshopped based on a studio shot with bright lights to show curtains with brilliant colors, then pasted in the window shot to show a bright back lite natural sunlight window. Very deceptive, misrepresentation. Really, go to WalMart & you’ll find the same or better.

I’m waiting to hear back the buyer whom I sure is waiting to hear back from the vendor. The holiday is gonna put a real kink in communication though.

Too bad about the bad reviews here on the curtains. We need some curtains and I thought this would have worked well for us!! :frowning:

The curtain rods on the other hand are actually pretty good quality. I ordered rods with the hexagon finials from a previous woot and am very pleased. They’re pretty heavy duty. The rod itself in probably 1" in diameter from a fairly thick-walled (presumably) aluminum tube. The finials are probably 3" across from point-to-point. The wall mounts are similarly thick heavy-duty metal to support the weight of the rod and curtains. It comes with screws and crappy wall anchors. The rods telescope smoothly, but there’s no locking screw one you get it to a length you want. The rod tubes have plastic endcaps to protect your curtains and there’s a little plastic ring that’s supposed to be used to level the curtain rod, but I’m not really sure how it’s supposed to work.

They’re made in India, so it’s definitely a solid step above cheap Chinese crap.

The vendor confirmed that they have grommets. If you have any issues, please get in touch with as soon as possible.

Had a nightmare of a time getting these from the vendor last time. I eventually had to get Woot involved and they were awesome. The vendor however… I won’t comment on quality since the ones I bought aren’t here. I will say I would probably spend a few dollars extra elsewhere. The curtain vendor is an absolute joke.

I ordered a set of the champagne colored curtains based on the photo which shows them as a darker tan/brown. Just got them today and they are much lighter, almost white. I guess I shoul have paid closer attention to the name of he color.

I don’t know why there are so many bad comments about these… I bought 5 curtain rods: 2 in the copper color and three in the black with the mosaic tiles. I LOVE THEM!!! The installation was a pain because the part where the rod hangs gets in the way when you are trying to screw in the screws, but once you get the right tools, installation is a breeze. Drywall mounts needed pre-drilled holes, but that’s just how those are, so, yes, a pain, but they are very sturdy and worth the effort. Yes, I agree, the panels are not the highest quality - I thought they would be a thicker material - but they were $15 and once they are hanging, are actually really pretty. I bought the champagne colored ones and they were a little bit lighter than I thought they would be, but are still really pretty now that they are up. I haven’t hung up the taupe ones yet, but we are waiting to paint the room before we do that. So excited! They are transforming the whole look of my house and I love them!