GustBuster 58” Umbrella

Am I the only one who read “Ghostbuster 58” Umbrella"?

Those LIARS!

Could i turn this upside down, open it up and put my crap in it? Like a bag of some sort?

perfect for when it is raining shit

Initially misread as “ghostbuster umbrella”…now that I would have bought.


i’m glad i skipped sleeping for this.

in for 12

It hasn’t rained here in 2 months. Who needs an umbrella?

Is this a joke? We suffered through that for THIS?

this blows … next

If this is the same one I got several months ago…then stay away. Quality was carp.


Awesome, this is that I always wanted.

28 hours awake ( and that hour I slept just now) and an umbrella. I just wanted my first Banjo of Consternation :frowning:

I got this a couple of wootoffs ago. It’s the most awesome umbrella I’ve ever owned. It’s ginormous.


Don’t you woot texans need some extra unbrellas right now with all that hurricane and stuff?

Wow, that sold out amazingly fast!

this will sell out quick

lawl sum1 shoot me i need more carp >.<