Gustus Vitae Independence Day Set (6)

Gustus Vitae Independence Day 6-Flavor Sea Salt Gift Set
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
Sale Price: $39.99 (Includes Shipping)
List Price: $58.00 (Includes Shipping)
Discount: 31% off List Price
California Sea Salt-3.4 oz.
Ancho Chili Salt-3.1 oz.
Crystallized Honey Sea Salt-3.0 oz.
Red Cayenne Sea Salt-3.1 oz.
Smoked Sea Salt-3.0 oz.
Blue Cheese Sea Salt-2.7oz

I was going to buy this until I saw that the Pure California sea salt is certified GMO free. I don’t want non-genetically modified organisms in my pure sea salt. No deal!

I’m completely confused…the picture shows 6 containers of salt in 6 different flavors, all 6 flavors are described BUT the big pink box says you receive 3 only! Which is it? Or is it in addition to?

And the descriptions following the pink box include all three. Curious.

Hi all. Just confirmed that you get 6. I’ll update the pink box as soon as I crawl out of my comfy bed. Yes, I’m lazy today.

Update: And fixed. :slight_smile: