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This is sort of funny, but very unpleasant looking on the shirt I feel- I’m going to have to pass.

looks like someone got pregnant

i do like the whoopee cushion. it kinda like a shirt that would probably grow on me if i got it in a random

Interesting design and colors :smiley: I like the cute animals, not sure how I feel about wearing intestines though.

There is smoke and a baby swilling something or other. Who would wear this?

Awesome shirt, great job wotto!

Interesting…I kind of like it, but I’m not sure why…

Better Question: Why would the baby be in the liver?

That’s not a baby, it’s a person drinking. Each organ is being affected by something negative or referring to a common use of it (i.e. steel lung, broken heart, or the bean stalk coming out of the kidney[bean]).

It’s quite clever. Not sure if I’ll get this one or not because I dunno how different it’d look once it’s printed.

grats on the print, wotto. I am sorry to say, I’m not a fan of this one, man. I like a lot of your work but not this one.

Interesting… usually I’m into these faux-innard shirts, but the guy drinking the liver… it’s execution doesn’t do it for me.

reminds me a little of “anatomy test.”

groble groble groble asphalt groble groble

if i wasn’t a girl, maybe… but i feel the preggo jokes would be coming hot’n’heavy…

Congrats on the print, wotto. I like the way you drew the snake.

is that a bunny rabbit in it’s colon?

Like everyone else already said - interesting.
But not my style. Just … something to look at. ._.

As with so many other great designers, having a wotto shirt does woot proud, but I can’t say I’m in love with this particular design.

Should definitely do better than last time, though.

interesting shirt, but won’t be buying tonight. congrats designer

What’s a steel lunk? I thought maybe it was an iron lung. Clever shirt, actually.