Guy Debbas Wine Filled Chocolate (36)

Wow, took two full weeks for these to ship and now they are coming smartpost with an expected arrival date of 12/22 =( These are going to be melted, split and oozing all over.

just received my order 12/21 and guess what they were melted and oozing cant even get them out of the box.

Just got mine and same here, smashed and oozing all over. Sent photos to customer service. Can not believe that these were shipped smartpost, first time they have done that.

Sorry for the trouble, guys. Please message your order info to CS at I’ve also sent a note to WD, too.

Thank you! Do you know if the shipping on this was a mistake? Or is this a new thing where food items will be sent smartpost?

I’m not sure; sorry I don’t have more details yet.