Guy Debbas Wine Filled Chocolates

Guy Debbas Wine Filled Chocolates, 36-Pieces
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(2) Guy Debbas Chardonnay Filled Chocolate, 6-Pieces
(2) Guy Debbas Cabernet Filled Chocolate, 6-Pieces
(2) Guy Debbas Champagne Filled Chocolate, 6-Pieces

Delivered in time for Valentine’s Day


I got a load of these a while back and thought I’d share with others, but consumed them all myself. I have zero experience with wine so can’t comment about that part of it, but the chocolate was smooth. I enjoyed these very much.

Edit: To be clear, the ones I had were all chocolate, no white chocolate.

I got these before and they’re quite good. Just be careful eating them; remember, wine is a liquid (so you might not be able to carry them on an airplane).

Oh man. I love these things.

does anyone know if you can store these for a few months in the fridge, freezer, or at room temperature?

Definitely don’t freeze them, the wine might expand and they will break.

I got these last time they were offered and stored them at room temperature. They were fine for a couple of months (I forgot I had them for a while). I imagine keeping them in the fridge would be a good call if you’re going to take your time eating them, though. I’ll probably do that this time.

I put them in the fridge and loved them cold.

I’m gonna cave. I know I will. Why am I fighting this?

Update: Purchased.

I would also like to say these things are awesome. Bought them for my wife for a past Valentine’s Day and they didn’t last long.

These are pretty good, but honestly I wasn’t blown away by them. I wish those chocolate truffles would show up again, but it’s been years since I’ve seen them here.

It looks like the white chocolate ones have an inner core of (milk?) chocolate, and the white chocolate is just the final dip.

I’ve bought them before and they are good. I don’t know if they are $1 per chocolate good, but darn tastey.

However, given V-day is coming soon, this is an easy out. So I am in for 1.

Very happy to have Guy Debbas wine filled back on woot.

these don’t last long around the office!

They will keep fine for a month or two since they are encased in the chocolate ball. I had a box saved that I got into about 6 months out and the inside crystalizes. These are incredible and totally worth it, but don’t bite them or it’ll run down your chin!

Yes, last time these came up I bought my full allocation of 3. I stored them in the fridge and they held up well for at least 10 weeks. Beyond that, they can start to dry out, but the chocolate is tasty.

This is one of those unique products that are hard to find elsewhere, and are usually stale if you buy them from a small winery at twice the price. On Woot, the price is very competitive and the stock is very fresh. I’m really pleased to see these back on Woot!

I will also chime in to say that it’s nice to see the Guy Debbas wine filled chocolates again. It’s been a couple years, almost exactly. These are quite delicious!

Previous Offer

Here’s a quote of a Yelp review with a response to a bad review from the maker:

I received a box of chardonnay filled chocolates as a gift. They were within the “best by” date. They were dried up and nasty…bad tasting powdery chocolate and not a drop of wine. I emailed Debbas Chocalatier about it and never heard back. Maybe I got a freak box, or maybe it is just a horrible product. It is pretty clear they have horrible customer service…

Comment from Max D. of G.Debbas Chocolatier
Business Owner
9/5/2013 •We are sorry you had this experience with our product. This is the first we have heard of any problem as such. We are a private label company, and make wine filled chocolates for over 500 wineries. It is sadly out of our control how these wineries store our product. It is meant to be stored in a fridge or cool environment. It seems as if it was stored improperly, or shipped without an ice pack or proper cooling. I hope you get the chance to try our Wine Filled Chocolates again, and are able to get the full experience!

Haven’t seen the Rain Republic chocolates (from Guatemala, I think) in a while? Those are really delicious, we used to order the max each time.

Good call, I forgot about those.