Guy Fieri Knives - 3 Styles

Reviews on the Knuckle Sandwich
Midnight Series

Guy Fieri and knives. So many things I want to say, all of them probably not wise on a public message board.

agreed. hahaha…

These knives are perfect for letting people know right away that you are not good at cooking.

I own one of the ergo chef knives ( They are made in the states and is actually not bad. Holds an edge really well.

I don’t own these knives, I’ve never used these knives, but, I can’t possibly suggest people use the bottom of the knive handle to smash things.

There’s an electric log splitter on the Tools and Garden site I’d sooner use to cut food than anything bearing the Guy Fieri brand.

you win today’s internet.

The knives are stamped with “knuckle sandwich.” I strongly recommend against chopping your knuckles into a sandwich.

Also, if you use these knives, are you required to wear your sunglasses backwards on your head?

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) on the midnight series 8" chef knife over at

Do you need to wear a lot of big rings for the handle to be comfortable?

“Wow, Guy Fieri’s name is on it; it must be good.” Said no one ever.

Just caught fake microsoft ant-virus from your link.

[MOD: All was fine for me. is well known site. ]

Hard to choose where to order - today at Woot $35+$5+tax or at Amazon $44 everyday?

Except for the Guy sammich some dude ordered in front of me @ Chaps Pit Beef the other day (one of the dives featured on D3).

So is “Guy Fieri” some code way of saying “not the sharpest knife in the drawer?”

I think if it were three for $10 I just might try 'em. Maybe. Not sure if I could pop my collar long enough to actually use them or not.

I almost bought these knives then when I glanced at the design on the handles and thought they were tied in with the Houston Texans football franchise. Imagine my disappointment when I read further and found out they were Guy Fieri knives.

Houston Texans’ knives would have been so much better. In every way possible.