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Don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but the 3M fuel system tune-up kit is available thru Amazon for $29.66. I love shopping at Woot, but I expect to save more than 67 cents when I do. And because it’s more than $25, you get free shipping at Amazon, to boot…so I guess that means it costs $4.33 more here…

Also: the Amazon site includes a link for a $10 rebate on this product from 3M:

Great product reviews there, too, by the way…

Dagnabbit, Amazon! You’re always raining on our parade!

Fine, we’ve lowered the price. Now you better go buy ALL the kits. I mean it! ALL OF THEM!

WOW…you didn’t lower it — you frickin’ chopped it in half! You da man, TT…er, the girl, I mean…

By the way: I tried to order them all, really I did — except you had more than 3. At this price, though, I think that everybody oughta buy 3.

Thank you Woot. And with the 3M purchase, I just hit 100 items from you guys.

I can’t find the rebate on amazon for $10. Also, would it be good for this woot purchase?

We don’t know. That’s why we lowered the price as much as we did. NOW GO BUY THEM ALL!

If you go to the page I posted - - there’s a line below the price that says “Post-purchase rebate: $10.00 Get Forms.” Click on the blue “Get Forms” link, which opens another window where you download the rebate form.

YAY! Sold Out! Good job, Wooters!

Bruce57- Thank you!

So far mostly negative reviews of the Oggi 4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser on Amazon. Any wooters want to pitch in and give me their take?

One person from the previous sale mentioned theirs had leaked all of his/her booze.

The Hitachi drill is just a toy. For $10 more, get this one from Amazon: Hitachi DS10DFL 12-Volt Peak Li-Ion 2-Speed Drill/Driver. You’ll be getting a real tool instead of a toy.

Alright, thanks. Will avoid this. Was gonna be a gift. I’ll look for something more reliable.

GUY stuff? I nearly didn’t look and see those adorable locking pliers…!

One person complained. I bought it anyway, if it leaks, it was only $10. If it doesn’t WOOHOO it was only $10.

Is unlock free shipping over? I’ve already bought something today and trying to purchase something here and I’m getting charged the $5. What’s the deal?

Yes, that was a promotion until we could get a cart system in place. You can read about the cart here.

Basically, it’s $5 per order (not item). You put as much stuff in your cart as you want (excluding purchase limitations, like 3/person) and it’s $5 to ship.

Thanks, TT.

Is that liquor dispenser that bad that it can’t even sell out at $10???