Gyration 2.4GHz Air Mouse with MotionSense Woot Info Post
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Gyration 2.4GHz Air Mouse with MotionSense [New] - $29.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Gyration GYM2100NA 2.4 GHz Air Mouse with MotionSense and 100’ Range, 1 * $20 Mail in Rebate Offer

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$64.40 over at amazon with decent reviews

3.8 star average rating on Buzzillions.

Here is Gizmodo’s review on it:

The product website.

And a quick start guide.

Simple Math 29.99 - 20.00 rebate = 9.99 + 5.00 ship = 14.99 which is a great deal!

Gyration after long long time … thank you woot !!

I find these are quite useful when I go parachuting with my netbook. Head on over to sellout.woot for a power supply designed for the avid parachutist.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that these are not any good for gaming.

$75 @ Newegg

Looks like a great deal with the rebate. In for 3.

How’s the battery life?

youtube review

My dentist has one of these along with his fancy digital xray machine. It looks pretty uncomfortable, but after a little practice it’s probably a lot nicer than a trackball since you get proportional feedback. And with a $20 mail-in rebate, why the hell not?

CNet review is so-so

Does it work with Windows7?

$74.99 at Newegg:

1 review: 4 stars

Review Summary (read all 1 Reviews, write a review)
Product Rating:
Total Reviews: 1
good but not great
Reviewed By: on 6/11/2009
Tech Level: high - Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Pros: The “air mouse” functionality is surprisingly easy to use and accurate. Can be used like a normal mouse on a mousepad as well. Great range, no problems with dropping a signal.
Cons: The air mouse can sometimes become unresponsive and needs a “reboot” by flipping the on/off switch. It happens to me everytime if I hold down the air mouse trigger and the right mouse button at the same time for 10-15 seconds. I was hoping to use this on a HTPC that I also use for gaming (with a mousepad) and it is sorely lacking as a gaming mouse. For example, Sniping in COD4 is VERY difficult because the mouse lacks the extreme accuracy a normal gaming mouse has (Like the Logitech G7). Tiny movements of the mouse don’t translate into tiny movement on screen very well. Also, the lazer/sensor that is normally in the MIDDLE of a mouse is located at the top left (when looking at the bottom of the mouse) which really threw me off.
Other Thoughts: In summary… This thing is fine for simple point and click use. The air mouse functionality works great. Lacks the accuracy and feel of a gaming mouse. Completely unusable as a gaming mouse for me. I gave it 4 stars because it works fine for its intended use.

Ha… mom buys me gifts from Woot now and then. The last one was a Hannah Montana video camera. Mom means well…

Seems like it doesn’t automatically turn off when you put the receiver in the mouse?

I’ve used a Gyration mouse since 2/16/06 (yep… woot item!) and love it! I use it with my home entertainment center and can use it both in the air as well as a standard mouse.

At this price (with the rebate), get all three!