Gyration 2.4GHz Air Mouse with MotionSense

Yep, use a earlier version on a Windows 7 machine. It just shows up as a standard mouse (but works in the air like it should)

i am seriously considering it…i just am not a huge fan of the size of the usb dongle. too big.

that is, in fact, what she was reported to have said.

Outstanding - I’ve been looking to get one of these for a while, didn’t want to spend $60+ or whatever. With the $20 rebate this is a no-brainer.

Never had any problem with my older model. Seems to work like any wireless mouse on games.

…and before you whiny Smartpost snobs even ask, …yes, it will arrive ‘before’ Christmas!


i need a new mouse for gaming. i play world of warcraft and the wireless mouse i have is not very responsive.

how well will this work for me ?

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yummy !

Well, it does have an on/off switch on the bottom of the mouse…

Same here. I used the “old” gyration as my daily ‘driver’ and travel mouse. The X-axis crapped out this past summer after much travel abuse and I’ve been looking for a replacement ever since. Coincidentally, my home mouse died this past week, so IN FOR THREE.

Wow - $64-96 from the stores listed at Pronto-tech. This is what they had to say about it:
*This portable travel mouse combines the functionality of traditional desktop laser performance with total in-air control of all PC applications. Portable; compact; and lightweight; the Air Mouse with laser sensor is the ideal companion for notebook users. The Air Mouse enables you to navigate your desktop or take control of your content using MotionSense technology that provides you the freedom to unleash yourself from desktop surfaces – perfect for performing presentations; trainings; and lectures up to 100? feet away from your computer. Featuring an ambidextrous design with right and left buttons; and three programmable buttons for customer control of application commands; the Air Mouse includes GyroTools software that allows you to initiate commands in-air with the natural hand movements. GYRATION Air Mouse 100 Ft. Range - GYM2100NA The Gyration Air Mouse with MotionSense makes moving in a mobile world much easier. *

very cool - while using the mouse in the air, you can assign up to 8 specific motions to different tasks by holding one of the top buttons. nifty.

That doesn’t read at all like a manufacturer’s description… :wink:

These are pretty sweet for $30. I could have gone for another for a little less… but all in all, not bad.

NEWEGG just had a pair of similar Gyration Mouses for FREE after rebate


I think there like 5 dollars after rebate now…

It seems that with so many netbooks out there, this would be the perfect addition.

I still suck at touchpads so I’m in for 1 for me for my netbook and another one for the wife who lives on her laptop. It will help her keep up with facebook and Perez.

A girl hovers in the website video…

Seems like a nice mouse if you are doing presentations, but not sure why you need this at home. If you are sitting 2 feet from your cpu, do you need to have your hand in the air pointing? It reminds me of a laser pointer without the potential burning out the eyes thing…

Anyone know the range on this mouse?

That video was about as useful as insert current gen console here.

Does anyone have a real demo video? That actually shows what using one of things would both be and look like? I mean, I watched their demo video, and all I got out of it at the end is that they need to fire their marketing director. How do you move around the mouse in mid-air? Can you move it around in mid-air? What are the gestures? How are they?

I would’ve actually had less questions if I didn’t see the video.

Some people swear you can see lag with wireless mice, others say no. Im not gonna take a chance, I use a GM3200 for fragging noobz :smiley:

4 1/2 star average with 4 reviews at tigerdirect

Looks like Linux support is out there, just not by Gyration directly.

Ubuntu Forums Linky

Editus: Here is another link which is provided on the manufacturer’s site that goes in-depth into how to set up USB HID (human input devices) on Linux, But most consumer-oriented distros (ubuntu) should do this automagically.