Gyration Gyroscopic Media Center Mouse/Remote - 2 Pack

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2 * Gyration GYT8101US GyroTransport Air Mouse with 1 GB USB Flash Drive [New] - $29.99

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Best Title for a woot info ever!

Pretty decent reviews aggregated by Alatest…,63/

4 stars from the AMazon reviewers too…

These are great; especially for presentations. It’s a little hard to get used to using them like a pointer.

They look like they would be kind of awkward to use…

I bought one of these last time and it was crap.

After working with it I can never get it to really move in a straight line.

It also does not work with a mac at all.

I figure this will be in my bag of Crap that I got in for last time.

wow $35 fr 1 on amazon and here you get 2 for the same price w/ shipping included! im in for 2 (well 1… depending on how you look @ it!)

damn…i bought it last time for 35…shit

Can I make these things control my Roomba like I have seen Wii remotes do?

I am in for one!!! It looks pretty cool, and my hand was itching to pull the trigger. Change my mind? Nope… Too late. I did it. Thx WooT!

woot! In for one (2)

Does this really not work on mac’s? Why doesnt it work?

I picked up a Gyration mouse/keyboard set over 3 years ago here on woot. The mouse has been my daily desktop mouse since then and has been my travel mouse when I go on the road. The horizontal axis sensor for the gyro finally gave up the ghost a few months ago and I’ve missed this on the woot-off the past few times. Glad I was able FINALLY pick one (or two) up here!

EDIT: optical/laser still works fine on the 2005-purchased Gyro and it continues to be my daily-driver.

Sorry to correct you bud, but you’re wrong.

I have one of these, and they work splendidly with a Mac, no drivers or software necessary.

Edit: This was in response to curtis.

I got it last time for 35. Well it worked good for a while, but messed up latter . It good for presentations if you you do it often .

These are great. We have one that allowed us to do most of the surfing on our TV computer without getting up. Good for the lazy. The jump drive really didn’t get used much in our application. It did take a while to get used to the air movement of the mouse, though.

Since, however, we have upgraded to a Vista computer (hmmm…) and don’t use this much any more as we now use the Vista Media Center remote.

That being said… We bought ours from woot when they were 34.99 each. So, in that regard, this deal roombas for us. Bad timing, sucks to be us, and all that rot.

If in need of this, buy it. It’s a great deal. And you can then point and laugh at all us quick to jump wooters who spent WAY WAY too much on ours…

Night all.

well worth the money, bought one roughly a year ago and have had no complaints. I use it on my pc, my roomate with his mac, don’t worry about downloading the software though, it works just as well as a plug-and-go.

so does it really work for macs?