Gyration GyroTransport Air Mouse with 1GB USB Drive

does anyone know if this works outside of powerpoint/presentations? This would be great for a media center PC or just browsing the internet on my PC connected to my TV without finding a pad for my mouse (even if it is wireless). This seems like it would be better.

i already do this with my wiimote, only difference is i dont have/need 1gb memory

only one review on amazon, but they gave it a 5 star rating. That’s good…

Will this work with a Mac?

only 1 gig?

Could I play Team Fortress 2 with this? Will I be able to dominate people now?


I have one of these from a few years ago, just a 512mb. Its really neat. If you do any presentations it is a very good item, and has a really good range, I have been 15-20 feet away and still worked.

it lets you control your mouse completely, so you CAN use it outside presentations.

Is this thing comfortable to use day-to-day?

I bought this from woot last time it was up; it works well, has very good battery life, and is fun to use (once you get the hang of it)

Got the 512MB version here a while back. I use it for a media center, but it’s also good for presentations. It’s finicky and somewhat annoying at times. Don’t bother unless you really have need of something like this. That being said, it’s a good price compared to what they usually sell for.

I’m wondering how this would work for a person I know, they only have use of one hand.

What exactly is the practical use of this?

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

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hahaha…I realized I played TF2 for 38 hours in the past two weeks.
dominating takes a bit of skill. lol

but is it mac compatible?

Thanks, that’s exactly the kind of product info I was looking for!

I have one of these. It will replace a mouse for cursor movement, but I found it to be a bit to shaky for media work. With small movements, the cursor jumped around a bit and it was difficult to push the smallish buttons of media players.

The best media remote I’ve found by far, and I’ve been through quite a few, is the Keyspan PR-US2. Nice form factor and a variable speed mouse tilt pad.

It let’s you control your mouse without actually putting your hands on it. If you were doing a presentation and wanted to control your mouse but did not have a flat surface for the roller or the optical eye.