Gyration GyroTransport Air Mouse with 1GB USB Drive

grr i have this thing sitting in my room collecting dust… NEXT!

I’ll pass thank you very much

oh thank god

now I have time to drive home from *ork


I have this. It is fun.

Its called an air mouse because it bloews

Do Not Want


1gb?! That’s HUUUUUUGE! It’s worth it just for the 1gb usb drive.

Somehow I have the feeling that this might be as poor an idea as trying to use a wii-mote for precision.

cost more then the mp3 player and doesn’t paly music? :frowning:


i got this and it rocks!!


these are cool, one of my professors uses this in lecture, too bad I don’t need one… I sure to need a bag or crahp though

Got one of these when it was a woot daily deal. Not bad. A little tempermetal, but it’s nice to run the computer from the couch!

Picked up one of these in a previous Woot for $5 more. Works quite well, actually, and the form factor is nice and compact so you can bring it along in your pocket to business presentations. The 1GB flash RAM is just a nice extra.

oh good god sweet mother hen, no.

“just beat it, beat it”

song and artist

and bonus if you guess who did a remake of it and who is it featuring.

winner gets a cookie.

Why would anyone ever…