Gyration Ultra Compact Keyboard Suite

I’m feeling a sense of Deja Woot.

awesome price, id buy it if it had a number pad… maybe ill look past that!

How is it possible to do anything on a computer without the 10-key??? Woot? who’s idea was this??? … Just kidding. As usualy, Woot brings it with a dope price. amazing.

BIzRate has some deals

Shopzilla has not just ONE place to look

…but TWO Shopzilla LInks with interesting pricing.

Nextag hooks up the standard junk prices

… this is a repeat woot. but it seemed popular last time. go for it fellas. (btw, if you’ll notice, i didn’t mention World Cup this time. saving it up for later. hehe)

already have one, and it works great, though sometimes it can be really finicky where the keyboard has to be located in order for it to read keys

is this wireless?

I’ve had a few of these, they don’t hold up to heavy use.

What is the purpose of an ultra compact keyboard suite?

Eh. Ive used it and I hate it. Thansk but no thanks woot.

Again they tempt me with this thing, until I finally read the reviews about how poor the keyboard is…

No numberpad… No thanks.

i stayed up for this? pfff.

the keyboard is passable and the mouse you’ll throw out the window after 2 days. never again.

keyboards/mouse combinations are overrated…night wooters

I bought this in the last w00t, and the mouse buttons were broken / stuck down… but w00t got me another mouse super fast- and consequently I haven’t used the set yet. :slight_smile:

Bummer, already have one of these. Although for those that don’t, it’s a great keyboard and mouse combo. The only downside is the lack of a number pad.

Does it have a linux driver?

What are these like compared to normal keyboard/mouse? Any helpful tips.

I like it… But I just bought a new keyboard not too long ago plus the Microsoft fingerprint mouse from uhhhhh here backin feb…not tonite woot…not tonite…I have a headache

I already have one for my HTPC. It’s good because the range is much better than many other wireless setups out there.

Ditto the Woot-Cast!