Gyration Ultra GT Compact Keyboard Suite


[imgleft][/imgleft] Gyration Ultra GT Compact Keyboard Suite - Monday, October 24, 2005
Item qty: 1350, Last Order: 7:01 PM CST, Wooter to blame: barrusr
Order Pace: 0m 52.573s, Woot Wage: $2,837.16/hour.


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Hm it seems to be a crazed keyboard. My bro thinks its for ppl who cant switch from laptop to desktop all the time and that seems right. No numpad… which would be annoying… the mouse seems dumb… but the keyboard seems nice… and if its as quiet as they say then thats cool.


READY FOR A WOOTIFUL WEEK? ™ - Ok… that was a groaner… but hey it’s Monday… and Monday’s stink too!!

Gyration Ultra GT Compact Keyboard Suite $39.99 + $5 shipping

Best Froogle Price is - $111 + shipping!!! Dayuuummm!!

Amazon had mixed reviews. But the guy who liked it said basically the neg people were just clueless - REVIEW LINK

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oh yes - this one is going home with me!

Here woot… woot… wooty

Perfect for the kitchen counter !!!


Well it aint no Iron!


Ive had one before for my laptop, your wrist gets tired really quick.



I really wish Woot would have normal wireless keyboards and mice.


I already have more keyboards than i know what to do with, but it’s a good price. On ebay one is $74.00 and another is only $9.00


It’s too small :frowning:


[url=]Froogle’s cheapest is $51.50


I bought this one when it was called “Microsoft Wireless Optical Elite Keyboard and Mouse”

Bring on the weird and useless! A BoC would fill that need nicely.

Cute! BoC expands to Blue Oyster Cult! I love that woot staffers are fellow Simpsons fans.


Numpads are awesome. $45 for a keyboard without even a detachable numpad is… a little high?

Can’t speak for the mouse though.


I was hoping for a fosgate bundle and this mousy thing is all it came … uhhhhh


I bought this new a while back, there awesome! especially with projectors.


Newegg has is for like $250!


Yes!!!REfubished item again…
At least you can use this on a computer.
My computer won’t know how to handle a wireless keyboard…
Woot, Woot !!!Thanks anyway…


Is it just me or is it about time for a woot off??


I’m happy with my set up, no need for another, oh well, coulda gone to bed hrs ago, why is it when i’m tired and wait up its nothing i need but when i’m not tired it’s stuff i need, go figure.