Gyration Ultra GT Compact Keyboard Suite

nice woot…should go fast…already bought the microsoft wireless set…still working wonderful…

My brother owns this, it works pretty well…

I’ve already ordered 2 sets of these and they’re awesome. They don’t quite have the reach they claim but they’re great none the less.

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Gyration Ultra GT Compact Keyboard Suite
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Gyration GP1100-001 Ultra GT Compact Keyboard Suite with Mouse

great price

What a cute little keyboard!!!

i have this already works ok but not worth buying another

Already have a nice keyboard.

Haven’t we seen this a million times already?

Nice woot! Gyration Ultra GT Compact Keyboard Suite

Here are some reviews on **Amazon**

Cheapest **Froogle** is $90!!!

REFURBISHED are you kidding. BAD buy

sweet a laptop keyboard for my desktop, just what i always wanted!

:frowning: just got a new keyboard

nt though woot

Brand new price on AMAZON & is 110 plus S&H

did the mice sell out last time? i wonder if the keyboard is any good.

Yup. Pretty mad at myself for selling my old one.

I dont know about the keyboard, but I do have the refurb mouse from here and it is awesome!!! I love doing my woots from the next room!

Anyone know the response time on this? Whether it’s good for gaming?

Dang, I am in the market for a new ultimate keyboard, but I just don’t need it as a “media center” keyboard… just the regular kind =)