Gyration Ultra GT Full-Size Keyboard Suite


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


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Got more Quality Posts than a bank got change:
[]p1, peteromans11 returns with a link to epinions reviews
]p2, therebelcountry owns the compact version of this set
[]p2, willidiots links to a review
]p2, dougdb offers a shareware solution for using items like this with a Mac
[]p3, acidxwarp “bought one at best buy about a year ago…and later returned it”
]p3, stimpy confirms “Yes, the mouse tracks in mid air”
[]p3, Chompers “bought the earlier set of these”
]p3, ygbsm insists “If you’re thinking of using any other product for MS MediaCenter computing from your couch, you’re being foolish”
[]p3, idx advises “I highly recommend it unless you play a lot of games”
]p3, WilfBrim says “I have to put my vote against this item”
[]p3, oldcdog “Got one the last time it was offered… I am quite happy with it”
]p3, BillMoose relates “I’ve got one of these things. I love it”


i have a better set


good woot but im broke after all my other christmas shoping.


not bad if i had money i would get one of these

ehh, nevermind… its refurbished


Hot W00t, but I don’t need it yet again…
enjoying my WD250 though.
Yay, woot!


Pretty nice keyboard type woot [:)]

Fair to middlin type ratings on epinions…


I’m already wireless.


First page! YAY! (USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST) Wow, so unoriginal after all this time!




pass, but good deal.


Looks nice, but refurb? eww…


That’s pretty nice, might have to spring for that.


I’m happy with my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse.




ATHF Forever in da hood, G!


eh I dont think so I already have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard so I will have to pass


Bleeechhh. I need wireless, but not refurb.


How does this compare to the Logitech?


grrrrrrrr… damn my laptop.


Now this I can use! And just in time for Christmas, yeah!