H and R Block TaxCut Premium Federal and State on 256MB Thumb Drive



H&R Block TaxCut Premium Federal & State on 256MB Thumb Drive
$19.99+ $5 shipping


Already filed my taxes…


is this a tax write off?


Naw, already did my taxes!


the useful linkage blog has the comparison site links… tell me if i’m missed some…


Already have my refund… Pass.


Wonderful. Just in time to make life easier, and when you are done you have a free thumb drive. TY woot.


Does it run off of the USB drive or install? O_o?


Wow… what a unique way to do your taxes! Technology has come a long way, I suppose…


I just paid 39.99 for turbo tax. I suppose that if you liked tax cut better, this would be a heck of a deal. Does anyone have any reviews on tax cut? Like to hear them…


Ok, this is pretty sweet, actually. If I didn’t use TaxAct, and didn’t already have my taxes done, I’d buy this in a New York minute. However, 256 is too small to use just for the space. Oh well.

Great idea by H&R, though!


…I can’t see why you’d really need this, but i suppose if you use the program and don’t have a USB drive otherwise it might be okay…


DAMN!!! I already bought the software and finished my taxes. Too late for me. Excellent software. I would recommend this. Its very easy to use.


I"m thinking this would have been a hit in January. Just sent in my taxes…


wow! $25 to file your fed and state taxes! Cheap! the question however, remains, how accurate is the hr blcok software? is it the same software that they use in their branches? does anyone know what their accuracy guarantee is?

sorry woot, i’m going to have to stick to my cpa…


Very creative woot…


Lol! Don’t Mess with Taxes. Reminds me of all the bumper stickers from back home:

I was born in Texas, but now I live in Taxes.


Is this good for every state, or is it only usable for filing taxes in one state?


What’s the OS of choice for this software?