H20 Holders

Last time around I ordered 3 sets of the $3.99 Gaiam random 2 packs to use as small Christmas gifts (teachers, assistants, postman, etc.) and I am very pleased with them! They are nice bottles, and all 6 of them are different, with 2 being a blue and green mix good for men. If you are looking for small gifts, door/raffle prizes or favors for something this holiday season I would suggest these as a good choice. Fill with some nice candies (I’m using dark chocolate pomegranate candies from Costco) and tie with a ribbon and there you go.

Are these strong enough to hold pure dihydrogen monoxide,
or are they just good for holding water???

the reasons listed for “Why use aluminum?” include reasons for using Stainless steel instead

Good catch. I emailed the buyers to let them know. Thanks!

UPDATE: Would you believe it’s a typo? No? Well, we fixed it.

Are the Sigg bottles BPA free?

Yes, they are.

They are also quite nice. Paint does not peel or chip, has not dented yet, and has absolutely no flavor. The screw top is easy to use and line up and has very thick and clean threading so I doubt it will wear out any time soon.

EDIT: Actually I’m not quite sure now. Did some research and seems like it’s possible.

The bottles you will receive our the former style, not the newer.