H2O Water Candle DIY Help


Hey, First post so be nice prz!

I saw a cool little “H2O Candle” on think geek and was curious to see if there was an easy DIY way of executing this.

Example here:

From what I understand, the materials are very straight forward.

[]Glass container to put the candle in
]Water (duh)
]Wick that is able to burn off of oil
[]Lighter (always gots a lighter :stuck_out_tongue: 420<3)
]Glass stones (for decoration of the bottom of the container)
[]Wick holder that floats
]Coloring (not sure if its supposed to be food coloring or water coloring? im a guy so i dont know if there is even a difference…)

Is there much else to it? This is so simple and I was pricing things out and it seems that the kit gives you 18 wicks so 18 candles? I assume they are about 1" (18" total), which is just an educated guess. saw online that 1 yd (36")is $0.99. Dollar Tree has some simple, yet cool candle holders for $1.00 (duh). Rocks are also found at Dollar Tree ($1.00). Got plenty of oil in the kitchen ($0.00).

My main issue is what type of wick do i get? what is the material that sucks up the oil to light it? I tried to do a bit of research and i think its a fiberglass wick??? Thats the same that was priced at $0.99 a yard.

Also, are there any local vendors for wick floats? i can only find online but the last entry on this site
this site is solid though to get wicks and floats at the same time for $2.50 for a pack of 3 floats and 100 wicks. But if i can get it at a retail store that would be nice.

Also, does anyone know the type of coloring? im sure this is just common knowledge that i apparently do not have… food coloring the same thing? not sure.

What do you guys think???


Oh, I thought this was going to be splitting water into a continuous stream of O and H and lighting that. I suppose that would take quite a bit of power though. Well,more than you would want to use for a candle. Well, I’m really not to sure. I might have to try that.


You’re just coloring the water, so food coloring would work fine.


You know, I really don’t know, but I do know our community is really crafty and helpful and given the posts above, my thoughts are dead on about that.

I also know our deals community is resourceful and can help you source supplies to make this happen.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


hey i forgot to add that you pour the water into the container with the coloring, then pour the oil onto the water. since the oil has a lower density than water the oil will be on top, then you put the float with the wick into the water/oil and light! figured i should say the process to be a little less ambiguous :stuck_out_tongue:


it seems like you’re like the oil, on top of this. let us know how it turns out.


Floating Wicks
The rest is gravy…er…lamp oil.



alright guys, everything is on order. i couldnt really find any local vendors for the floats and the wicks so i had to order a more economic set from buyacandle.com. so i guess i ended up buying the candle set, but it says each wick is to last 800 hours of burn time each? i get 6 wicks… LOL i think i should be set for a while. but yes bought the glass candle holders and decorative rocks. just need “essential oils” and some food coloring for the water and i should have some baller ass candles. gonna get those at PCC whole foods market thingy. everything is just waiting on the order of the wicks/discs… cannot wait. will post pics when they come in!


Did you click my link?
100 floating wicks for a fin.


shit i breezed over that… LOL fuck. o well. I will get this one as well just so i can play around with the different products. thanks for pointing that out though!! whoops :stuck_out_tongue:


WARNING please DO NOT USE essential oils. Essential oils are very different from standard oil. They are much more volatile and combustible, and I can really see you getting into some painful trouble with that. They are also highly concentrated and must be used carefully, in small amounts or diluted with standard oils.

What you want is liquid paraffin (lamp) oil.


ok. you are absolutely correct LOL. I tried out the essential oils (while still being safe in an open area and ready to extinguish if things got real) just because they had a really pleasant scent. however, the wick immediately caught fire since the oil was so volatile. will be going to the store and getting paraffin oil :slight_smile: pictures will be posted tonight


Finally got the time to upload these pics! in love. ready to set the mood :stuck_out_tongue:




first off, 420<3 :slight_smile:

secondly… on the lovely amazon.com they have floating wicks and holders that come together and you can get a box of 50 of them for under a dollar! I think shipping is like $5 tho…

I am getting married in sept and we are going to use these as our center pieces! :slight_smile: my future husband thinks these are pretty cool so that’s awesome :slight_smile:


That’s also referred to as Nuclear Fission, the holy grail of clean energy, and according to most science, completely impossible.

Also, Fire that Burns on Pure Oxygen and Hydrogen is known as Rocket Fuel, and generates enough energy to escape earths gravitational field.


Actually its just electrolysis not fission, just splitting molecules not atoms. If you ran a current through water and had a funnel capture the H/O mixture with a proper nozzle you could have the least efficient and probably most dangerous candle ever, but damn would it be sweet. It would probably need wall current to give off enough to burn steadily, on the plus side the “smoke” would be water vapor, except for all those dead sea creatures we turned into juice.


Instead of buying the floating disc things I found a super easy way to make them on the CHEAP! just cut a 1-2 inch square from some clear plastic (I used a water bottle). Cut a slit from one side to the center and slide your wick in there. BAM! It floats perfectly. Sometimes the curve of the bottle makes it a little weird but to fix that run the plastic under some super hot tap water (not boiling though) for a few seconds then put it under something heavy to hold it flat, like a book. Floats perfectly between the oil and water.