H3 Hybrid Humidifer, 4 Colors

Does this run on electricity? I don’t see any cords in the pictures. And WTH is hybrid technology?

That’s the question. I won’t buy without more information on this thing.

It runs on propane gas. Just kidding, it’s electric.

Is this a true fact, or are you just guessing. Where did you find the information? Please?

I saw these on display at CES and they are pretty sleek looking humidifiers.

They seemed to have a pretty good steady flow coming out of them and they do have power cords.

I think the hybrid part is that they also produce aromatherapy mist by adding essential oils to them.

Here’s a video I found.

I remember seeing them on Woot a while back and am glad they’re back on here so I can get one. I would prefer to get the larger ones but this is a great price for the H3.

If you look at the pictures, the 5th image down has a cord coming out of it…

It is powered by my own sense of self-satisfaction.

The Shopping Channel states:
• Power supply 110-120 V, 50/60 Hz
• Power consumption: 53 V
• Power cord length: approximately 70 inches

From the listing:
The hybrid technology heats the water to ensure all bacteria is killed and with the use of ultrasonic technology a safe mist created.

AFAIK humidifiers are usually either ultrasonic/cool mist, or heated. This is, apparently, both.

Manufacturer info page claims it’s cool mist and doesn’t mention heating the water (odd!): H3 Overview — Objecto

User manual: http://www.objecto.com/s/H3-ENGLISH.pdf

Objecto’s H3 Humidifier is a Hybrid Humidifier.
Which means it heats the water to 140F and then emits the mist in room temperature that is why its referred as Hybrid which is dual function.
The advantage is that its not a warm mist so its safe for kids to touch and not a cool mist so it wont drop the rooms temperature.

Uncle Jefe can’t count. This is over $50.

This isn’t a daily deal.

From the manual:

If you are going outside or will be away from the hybrid humidifier for an extended period of
time, unplug the power cord from the outlet. Otherwise, you could forget to turn it off and
cause a fire.

Not much confidence in their “off” button…

As they said, you could forget to turn it off. If you just have a habit of unplugging it, problem solved.

Yeah…it should be fine left plugged in. I imagine that’s a CYA type of statement in case lightning kills it and starts a fire.

It has an auto-shutoff, it shouldn’t need unplugged.

I got mine a few days ago and I’m loving it. First, it raises my bedroom’s RH from about 30% to 40%, which may not sound like much of an improvement but it’s enough. The tank lasts 10 hours on the high setting, which is sufficient to keep it running overnight. It’s pretty quiet, although you can hear the fan and some burbling of the water. The mist/air output is a little cool; it seems like enough to lower the room temperature but I have an electric heater on anyways.

Got mine too and I do like it too… WHEN IT’S NOT LEAKING!!! Used about 6 times and so far 4 times out of 6 I found a HUGE puddle of water under the unit. Checked manual and their website – no reference to this issue anywhere, so I’ll be contacting WOOT for further information.