Haan Easy Clean Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer

Does this work equally well on hardwood, laminated hardwood, tile, and vinyl? If so, I need this badly.

dunno chick, but i know i’ve been waiting for a good price on a good steam mop and this seems like the time to buy…
good price, good rating…
i’d get one while you can…it prolly won’t last too long
peace - mikey :slight_smile:


Amazon reviews look good. It’s $99 over there.

& yes, thumper chick, a few reviews mention that it does good job on hardwoods as well.

Exactly my question. Does anyone know if this is safe to use on treated hardwood floors?

Over at Amazon pretty good reviews and says works on any “sealed hard-floor surfaces.”

Also in the product description “…so you can clean all of your hard floors in one quick session”

I am wondering the same thing. I have tile floors and wood floors and am wondering if it will work on these surfaces.

Anyone know of something that will work on carpet as well as vinyl? There was something in the Wootoff last time but I don’t think they make it anymore. Any suggestions?

Here is the manufacturers product page:


Says it is safe to use on hardwood floors:

"What kind of flooring is the HAAN safe to use on?

The HAAN Classic is safe to use on all sealed surface types; for example laminate, hardwood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, slate, stone & marble. Your floor sanitizer is designed to clean surfaces that will withstand high heat. Do not use on unsealed wood or floors with a wax/no wax finish."

Also just FYI, the Haan website lists this as a retired model.

Haan FS-30 Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer



I’ve used my haan on laminate, tile and hardwood with great results. I did buy some additional microfiber pads for mine. Picked those up for pretty cheap at Sears. I’ve had my haan for about two years now. Be sure to use distilled water so that you don’t get any scaly build up in the tank. My one complaint is the cord could be longer. If mine wasn’t going so strong I’d be considering purchasing another one for this price.

In my experience, these work about as well as a hot rag works. In which case, why not just use a hot rag?

I was, suffice to say, less than impressed.

thanks woot! Now I’m done christmas shopping for the wife!

She will make up for it with after Christmas sales.

Home Depot has 3 models by SteamFast that are cheaper.
The SF-142 even comes with a carpet attachment.

I’ve never used any steam mop though. I just happened to see these in the store last week.

Oh honey, we need to talk…

Why do I ever buy anything from somewhere other than woot! ???

I literally just ordered a Haan steam mop this weekend, after A LOT of research and consultation with the wife. Of course, I paid nearly twice the price.

Reviews of the Haan mops (FS30, FS20, SI35) are all good … and this price is exceptional!

I think I need a woot!-off to get my mind off of this!!!

I am so mad. I just bought a steam cleaner a few days ago at Lowes for $28.00. The Steamfast and the HAAN IS WAYYYY BETTER!!! I wanted one, but they were too much… Ugh, Woot!!!

Oh, boy…now I know how you picked your name in here. You don’t intend to live long after Christmas…

Haha I wouldn’t have noticed that!

Skanning is right Ken, hopefully you got a lot of other stuff for your wife too, right?