Haan Easy Clean Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer

Reminds me of the time when my Dad bought my Mom a vacuum for Christmas … not sure what he was thinking, but he apparently thought it would ease the blow to wrap each attachment and accessory separately! Needless to say, after the 5th or 6th vacuum related unwrapping … it was an interesting Christmas!!!

I only remember jewelry gifted after that year :slight_smile:

OK … the shirt.woot purchase has distracted me enough to get some sleep. I needed a green shirt … and a laugh!

I’ve never used the haan steam mop, but the top review on the eureka steam mop swayed me from the haan to the eureka. The reviewer provides a very in depth review of most steam mops because he bought a variety of them to test them out. Might be a good read before u consider buying. I know there is about $20 difference between the haan and eureka but i found it was worth it, i really love my eureka.


I know the answer to this. The first question I have for you is, what kind of treatment is on your floors? Treated lumber flooring, no matter the type of wood will become damaged by the Haan without a SEAL. You need to make sure that you use this on sealed hardwood. Treated is no necessarily sealed. It depends on the type of wood. I have never heard of Sealed Treated Flooring, unless it’s on the floor and you seal it after you lay it down.

The answer to your question is ONLY if your treated flooring is SEALED.

I just found out my floor needs a new coat. Used the Steam Fast Steamer on my living room floor and the remainder of the Seal was removed by the steamer and its pad and I didn’t realize it and went back over the area again and my wood started to crack lightly. So, I will have to rent a stupid sander to fix my screw up.


Just an FYI. I researched steamers for 2 years. I hate my bissell pro heat and wanted something easier to use. The Haan just wasn’t in my budget, so I waited… and waited… and waited. I saw the Steamfast on sale at Lowe’s and jumped at the opportunity. Now, I wanted the Haan all this time and wasn’t patient enough and now I am going to return the Steamfast and buy the Haan today. DO IT!!

It’s worth every single beautifully made American Penny!!!

Order this one on Woot and send the other back to Amazon you dork. :slight_smile:

In for two!! Woo hoo! Cannot wait to give this to my mother who is 55 and still scrubs the floors on her hands and knees (with knee pads and all…). Hopefully she will put her old ways to rest and enjoy a little break with this Haan Easy Clean Steam Cleaning!!

I am all over this woot. I have had multiple steam mops and killed them all. Usually I break the handle, but our hard water has also done the job before I am the Destroyer of Mops (have also broken several Swiifer mops over the years. Word of advice - if you have hard water I suggest investing in a pitcher with filter or using distilled to make this thing last longer. Need to figure put where I can get more pads for this one as my entire house is tile and hardwood and with my prior steam mop it generally took 5 pads for the whole house. Hopefully you can still find the pads.

If you don’t care about color, found a pack of two pads for 11.81 on Amazon which seems to be the best deal.


found this reviewer a great read also (Chandler)… seems the main complaint of the Haan was “Haan: not made as well as the envirosteamer but it’s more expensive so this was a surprise. A bit flimsy and you need to press down on it more to clean at 3.15 lbs.” … but not sure which model he reviewed. This Chandler lives in a neighborhood with “green built certified” homes thus the serious reviews!

does this use the same pads as the Haan F20 model?

I had to return a Bissell steam mop for tearing away the top layer of my vinyl floors.(It seemed like a plastic protector or something.) I am wondering if this would do the same?

Lucky guy…23 years ago I found out the hard way that a Christmas present or birthday present can never have a power cord. Never. We are still married by the way.

4 pack for $21.46

those are for SI-35. The model for sale is FS-30

I have this steamer AND I have sealed hardwood floors. BEWARE! The steam started stripping my finish away, so I’ve stopped using it. My advice would be for tile and laminate only.

On a side note, I didn’t think it cleaned very well. Sanitize, maybe. Clean, no. If there was a small, dried spot of water (from melted snow, for example) or any other liquid, it didn’t remove it. I ended up rubbing those away by hand.

I would not use it on real hardwoods because the steam is still moisture and you don’t want it getting between the floor boards; they’ll warp. I have one of these and would use it on just about any other surface. It really does get my floors cleeeeeeaaaan without a lot of effort. The biggest “con” for one of these is that you have to vacuum/sweep like crazy before you start or you’ll have wet stuff all over your floor – the microfiber pads won’t pick up anything bigger than dust/dirt. I just carry a damp paper towel with me, though, and wipe up anything bigger than that as it breaks loose or shows up. It’s not that much extra effort and I really love how clean my floors get with this.

Also? This is a really good price.

According to the manufacturer, it is safe to use on hardwood floors unless it has a wax- based finish.

For what it’s worth, I use a rag mop on my floors, but my steamer is great for cleaning stuff like crayon, marker, and other stuff you would otherwise have to scrub.

Water boils at 212 degrees, so all of you asking about peeling floors, remember that. The plastic or wax coating may be getting hot enough to melt.

When I use my steamer (we are all hardwood and tile), I don’t let it sit in one spot long and if I have to make more than one pass at it, I let it cool before I go back.

All that said, my Bissel carpped out on me not long ago, so this timing is impeccable. Just skidded a crayon across the floor with my wheelchair caster, and am in the market to get the yellow streak off the floor (without actually having to bend at the waist). :slight_smile:

I feel like a fool… paid $109 @MACY’S for one of these 2 years ago.