HAAN Multi Purpose Floor Steamer

**Item: **HAAN Multi Purpose Floor Steamer
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day
Condition: Refurbished

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I bought this during an earlier sale for $10 more…absolutely no complaints when used as directed. Haven’t yet tried it on carpeting, but works great on tile and linoleum floors. I’m not really opinionated on the use of chemicals for cleaning one way or the other, but when you use them you usually also have to go back over the same area with a clean, damp mop. The HAAN steamer breaks down stains quite easily - and doesn’t require a second step. If you’re as lazy as I am, you can appreciate that.

I’ve had this one, after trying two or was it three others, and swear by it. I hope it never breaks. After 3+ years it shows no sign of letting up. The steam is strong, not drippy. It heats at the bottom, and thus is hot. The weight of the water is carried by the floor not my body…which is nice and might be important to some. When it heats up, if you don’t begin using it as soon as steam comes out, steam will pile up and indeed wet the pad, which creates a different effect…still useful esp if the surface can use a first thru wetter soak…heat and steam continue to go thru but the pad is wetter, there is therefore less friction and the mop (smear) effect of all other systems of floor cleaning. All this is to be expected…but not the best way in my view to benefit from the Haanfloor steamer. Go slower, stop and steam tough spots longer and do a few passes where it’s needed. The steam evaporates very quickly and leaves the floor dry which is great for well, gee, every kind of surface you want to clean as smear is eliminated so greatly. The trick: get lots of pads. When you wash them, give them a soak or a rinse first…then you can wash them with your regular-type clothing. I remain in love with this gadget. It makes it possible to eat off the floor…toddler, animal,5second rule becomes…30minute rule? Just a nice feeling to have the trouble of cleaning actually feel well almost beautiful. Okay, big endorsement. I’ve gone and purchased a haan multipurpose steamer which I’ve not yet used and which isn’t at the very top, tho in the top four rated ones. I expect --because the water is heated in a cannister and then travels to a nozzle–that the comparison I read will be right and that the temperature is less than I may wish and am used to in this floor model. The review mentioned this particularly and my satisfaction w Haan and price point had me purchase from them anyway. I have not used this floor model much to steam pillows, mattresses etc. I would recommend vacuuming well first. Steam and dust = ? Muck… and how does that get absorbed when there is no microfiber pad with weight friction and well, no where else for the muck to go. The floor model doesn’t work on bathtubs, sinks, inside drawers, well, you can see where I’m going. I hope that I will get around to using the multipurpose one…so far, it’s been the gadget too much…keep forgetting about it. Lost my motivation as I had to wait for a broken part to be replaced…and am v busy and not a very enthusiastic house cleaner. Hope this helps someone. Buy this I paid nearly 100 for it and it was worth it

I just used this today after buying it over the weekend. Where was this cleaning device all my life!?!?

I cleaned the bathroom floor, tested it on a really difficult area of grout on my sink and used it to clean the grates on my stove top. It cleaned everything nearly effortlessly. It was well worth the $50 plus tax and shipping!