HAAN Multi Purpose Floor Steamer

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HAAN Multi Purpose Floor Steamer
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Dec 23 to Tuesday, Dec 24) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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HAAN Multi Purpose Floor Steamer
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $18 Two-Day or *$21 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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This is wonderful–I love mine. Works great on fake-wood laminate floors. It takes less than a minute to heat up fully and lets me clean my floors almost effortlessly once a week (granted, I do a sweep+swifter+steamer regimen, but on its own it also does great cleaning).

More info, video, pics, parts etc on the Product Page

Pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com and homedepot.com (4.3 out of 5.0)


Near perfect reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at The O

Every time this is sold on Woot, I think, “What a stupid writeup!” Because it isn’t just for steaming floors – who wants to steam floors with a hand-held steamer? It’s for cleaning other surfaces, duh! Not your best writeup, Woot!

Overcoming my objections to the description, I bought one of these here a couple of years ago, and love it. It’s still working well for us.

The main reason I haven’t brought one of these is because most of my apartment is carpeted. Your comment caused me to look closer at the specs which shows “Includes carpet glide to sanitize and refresh carpet with 2 reusable ultra-microfiber pads for extended cleaning time”.

Can anyone tell me how well this works on carpets? It doesn’t say it cleans but would I need to do anything other than vacuuming before using this?

Also can anyone report on using this on mattresses?

Thanks so much for your help.

Mostly positive reviews on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/SI-70-Multi-Multiple-Purpose-Steamer/dp/B005555WFI/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

It seems that that negative reviews complain about customer service at Hahn. Since Woot has great customer service, I am not sure this matters. Anyone have experience with Hahn customer service?

I’ve never used this on a mattress, but have used a similar Haan, as well as a previous Eureka enviro-steamer on area rugs, and it works well. Should work satisfactorily on carpets, just be sure to vacuum thoroughly first. Use the pad(s), and I’ll bet you will be amazed at how soiled they get. Also makes the room smell fresher, I guess by killing some of the bacteria in the upper surfaces of the carpet. Granted, my experience is mostly with flat-weave wool area rugs, but carpet shouldn’t be much different.

Just be sure NOT to soak the carpet to the point of saturation, and allow it dry completely before moving furniture back into place. (especially wood or metal items)

I have the Haan steamer with scrubber plates, and it works great on hard surface as well as carpeted floors.

Bought one,due to the good reviews.I checked there web site,to make sure it was ok for tile floors,which it is.We have tile floors through out the house.We have the Scooba floor washer,which still works after four years,but it takes awhile,so to help it out,I will use this to cut down the time,plus are male Doberman 122 pounds of bad ass!!! wants to eat the Scooba.Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all Woot staff,and all my fellow Wooters.

My wife uses it on our mattress because of her allergy to dust mites. Works great and keeps the bed smelling great.

Received my Haan Steamer very quickly. It seems to work very well except the box was missing the resting mat.

I just received mine on Friday, opened the box today to put it together to clean my floor and it is missing the handle!!! Hard to clean without it!! Makes me wonder about Haan’s Qc, let a steamer ship without a handle.

Jeez, that’s a bummer. These steamers came with a 1yr Haan warranty. I’d recommend contacting them; they can probably just ship you the missing part. If you have any trouble along the way, please feel free to email support@woot.com with your order number, user name and situation. Keep us updated!

Email to support@woot.com has not gotten me anything but a re that they received my email stating my problem.

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from Woot Member Services.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your inquiry along to Woot Member Services to help expedite a response.

Thank you for your continued patience while they attend to the issue.

Indeed: heats fast, huge reservoir for long steamy sessions, but mine died after three uses as handheld. And petered out when the tank reached 1/3 full. Steam velocity seems dependent on h2o level, except upon use #4: tank full. pressure 0. d’oh.

Mine stopped working (no steam) after about 2 months. Haan wants me to send it back but I have to pay $40 shipping (I’m not sure if I have to pay both ways)
Anyone know if there is a simple fix? Haan said to run ice cold water through the unit. That didn’t work. Then to run water with vinegar, twice, that didn’t work either. I’m not gonna send it back. Dump it?