Haan Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner



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check out this machine in action


My previous comment:


4.5 out of 5.0 star rating over at bestbuy.com



Is the model number posted?


The reviews on this machine are terrible.

Buyer beware, I guess.


Promote my buttloaded post! Did I use that term right? You guys seem to be using “buttload” a lot lately.


lots of ok reviews (3.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon



two other things

manual, I believe

and it was $69.99 last time (and wootoff just after)


It’s the ZMS-30. I’ll ask that it be added to the sale page later in the morning.


I was hoping this would work for carpet but looking at the small size of that thing, such a hope was kind of farfetched.


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90 day warranty and cheap price. I’m taking a chance and am in for one! Hopefully I will love it and all the wood, glass and tile in my new home will thank me.


How are the reviews on best buy “this thing is awesome” and the ones on amazon are filled with “this thing only worked once”?

Maybe a refurbished one has a better chance of working consistently (assuming they fixed the problem)?


I have the SAME question, and part two is VERY funny, since I’m sure that most of us have the same concerns.


Oh, and this looks like a large list of “EXTRAS”: >>>Attachments include - tile and grout brushes, glass cleaning attachment, garment steam head, MicroCham towel and sponge, angled steam nozzle and more<<<

but there is no photo of all those “extras”, unusual for Woot. You know those “microcham towels” ? I wonder how easy or difficult those are to find in the size that one needs. You KNOW you need more than one, and I’m sure the other top brand steamers pads do not fit this machine, that would be too easy.


Assuming I have the right manual above, look at the pictures in the manual.


Does anyone know if this can clean my grill?
I’ve heard of people power washing their grills but I don’t have a power washer and would think that would be a mess with all the grease in there, can this do the job with less mess?


I bought one of these last time they had it on woot. It was the ZMS-30 which is a refurbished MS-30. The one I got was not a dud and I really like it. I’m having a hard time deciding if I should get another one. For the previous post that mentioned carpet, it does have a carpet attachment but I’ve never tried it. My mom borrow ours and used it on her house including carpet, and then bought her own. If you are looking around for a steam cleaner already then I would jump on this deal.