Haan Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner


That would be most acceptable. I used to wonder at the origin of that particular nugget. Then I read a John Adams biography and he used the word and I realized that it’s the maximum amount of stuff you can load on a donkey (ass). An ass-load.


Almost anything can clean your grill. Rubbing sand on it can clean your grill. What this will do is add really hot water that loosens grease and most other things. The power washer has the advantage of applying physical force. With this unit you are going to have to get in and scrub by hand. Granted it will make the scrubbing MUCH easier and save having to use 10 wire brushes, but it’s likly to be more work on your part and yes… less messy.


I got this the last time they had it up. Same model. Works like a dream for lino floors and tile, and especially for grout.

I mostly got mine for garments, and it works great for that. Much better output than garment specific steamers.

It is also very handy for sanitizing homebrew kegs without chemicals.


wait, is this a steam cleaner?

who has dirty steam?


I see that this has a carpet glide. Can anyone who has used this model on carpet give us an evaluation on that?


If you haven’t read it… The story of the woman that invented the line and company, Romi Haan, is pretty interesting. http://www.haanusa.com/images/moremag_romihaan.pdf.


How does this compare to battery-operated steam cleaners like the ones Shark makes, where the water reservoir is on the handle?


I have this steam cleaner, and I paid a buttload more! It is freaking awesome! I no longer mop my floors. It (the carpet glide) works really great on getting nasty dog puke/crap smells out. ~Not that I have any experience with that.~ You can clean just about anything with it.


The water reservoir holds a lot of water. I believe I can fill the pitcher up 2 1/2 times, and it will last for about 30 - 45 minutes of heavy steaming.


I bought this Haan last go around (6 months ago?) and LOVE it!
This is the ultimate steam cleaner for neat-freaks like me.
No, it really isn’t a carpet cleaner, as there is no suction to pull up the ickies, but if you use the carpet pad, you can shoot a burst of boiling hot steam into the carpet to deodorize and sanitize it. I use it to make sure the doggy-barf area is germ-free after using my Bissell carpet cleaner machine.
It’s awesome for DEEP cleaning tile, fiberglass shower walls and bottoms, car rims, road tar on the bottom of cars, grills, patio furniture, household walls (careful or the boiling water can take off the paint too), windows, and I love that I can use it for cleaning the inside of my new oven (yes, I have a self-cleaning mode, but it takes too long and the mega heat scares me!).
It has a gazillion attachments and cleans almost anything.
Be careful, as this contains boiling water, so read the instructions and follow them.
I ordered these floor pads from Amazon and like them better than the terry cloth pad that came with my Haan (I wanted extras, as you don’t want to keep using the same pad when it becomes dirty, only one pad comes with the cleaner). These pads are thick, thirsty and wash up easily.

I got mine from Woot last time, and it is a “refurbished” unit. I defy anyone to tell that it’s refurbished, came looking and working as a brand new unit (even in a pretty new Haan box, so you could easily give this as a gift)…no problems what so ever :slight_smile: .


Is this OK on just plain ol hardwood floors or will the heat make it buckle?


I love my HAAN. I am considering this one. I am on my second one. I had the SV60 (floors only) and now have the Multipro ss25 - also only a floor unit. Nothing was wrong with the SV60, I just wanted the variable steam and movement that the Multipro does to work off dirt a bit more and clean my wood floors.

For me, this doesn’t totally replace needing to own a mop. For spills, I would still use a sponge mop to get it up. The steam is great for small drips, tracked on dirt and overall clean… plus killing those germs you can’t see. The steam loosens dried on food that I didn’t see, without me having to get on my hands and knees and scratch it off. I love not having to mop with chemicals. No weird sticky residue - my floors just feel clean. Like brand new tile. The first time I used it was after my cleaning lady had mopped the floors, the pad still had a considerable amount of dirt on it and the floors looked SO pretty. As long as you don’t keep a drenched pad on, it will completely dry within a minute or so.

It’s also great on bathrooms for little boys that miss occasionally. I do sometimes use a cleaner with it - like around the toilet. I like Bio Clean’s BAC OUT. I spray a touch of it around the toilet, probably not required… but I have 4 kids all under age 8, 3 are boys.

DEFINITELY get more pads. Once the pad is saturated if you don’t switch it out you might get streaks. The dirtier your floor is, the more you may want to swap pads.

Something to take seriously is descaling. Much like a Kuerig or steam iron - these will get buildup from some tap waters. If you don’t have a built in water softener, make sure you follow directions on how often to descale it… or consider buying distilled water for it. Again, I’ve never had one die.

HAAN has a single pad for this unit for $1.99 (scroll down) Definitely worth grabbing 5-6 extras if you have a lot of hard floors. http://www.haanusa.com/PWRSRCH.html?filter_cat=6&Search=MS30

The carpet attachment isn’t like having a steam cleaning unit. It “refreshes” carpets. It will kill dust mites, but it’s not going to clean a gross carpet (visually) because it doesn’t have an extractor. It will kill many odors, so if your carpet looks clean but smells funky due to some past animal “mistake” this would be great. Directions say to use on your carpet, let sit and the vacuum up. I haven’t tried this, so this is just my info from what I read. It does the same for sofas, mattresses, etc. Kills the little nasties that live in pillows and fabric.

I found an article from HAAN about carpet use and what theirs does verses a typical “steam carpet cleaner” http://haanusa.com/blog/haanusa/common-cleaning-questions/confused-about-carpet-steaming/

Hope that helps!


Several reviews say they did use this on hardwood floors.

HAAN manual says this: “Your STEAM SYSTEM II is designed to clean hard floor
surfaces that will withstand high heat. Do not use on
unsealed wood or unglazed ceramic floors. On surfaces that
have been treated with wax or some no-wax floors, the
sheen may be removed by the heat and steam action. It is
always recommended to test an isolated area of the surface to
be cleaned before proceeding. We also recommend that you
check the use and care instructions from the floor manufacturer.”

They make at least two machines with a “low” steam setting for more delicate floors.


Great, thanks for the info!


I also bought this last time it came around (non woot-off). I split the cost with my parents and we share it between the 2.

It is honestly amazing. I flip real estate and I use it at the houses I go to and it works like a dream. My parents and I just bought another one so we could each have one.

Definitely worth $75. I have hard wood and porcelian tile in my house and they look brand new after I use this thing.


I got this last time round. It works great, I use it about once a month do do the bathroom and hardwood floors around the house.

Be warned, parts break really easily. I’ve had the orange buttons that clip the sections of hose/shaft together break. Two accessories broke.

You have to be super gentle with it. Haan’s support is great, no questions asked, when you eventually get through to them.

This is no good on carpet/furniture other than sterilising fabric. It wont take stains out.

I would buy again, but be aware it’s not built like a dyson


Now THAT’s “one to grow on!”


We bought this when it was offered previously, and it’s good for this price. I’m not blown away, although I do think it’s better than my mom’s shark steam mop. We were disappointed in the window cleaning attachment, did not get all of the little kitty nose prints off of the glass!
(This was the main reason we bought it, we don’t like using cleaners in areas the cats are going to be putting their noses, both literally and figuratively!) But, at least after I clean the windows with cleaner, I can “rinse” them with the steamer and they are clean and sparkling, and no cleaner residue. The windows weren’t the only place I’ve found that have to be cleaned with cleanser in addition to being steamed.

I know this was mentioned in the woot when we bought it, but I haven’t seen it here yet. The door that covers the area where the cord is stored is really flimsy and breaks off really easily. Even having read that, and being careful, ours broke on the 4th or 5th time being used. Doesn’t really affect the overall function, just kind of annoying.


How does this work on clothes?


Just an FYI:
Ours arrived missing the two extension poles. I called their toll free support and was quickly assured of them being sent to me. They do require a copy of the Woot receipt to be forwarded as proof of purchase.
So, an A for CS at least. The product looks new to me as well so other than the missing parts, so far, so good.