Habanero Cartel Kill Sauce Sampler

Habanero Cartel Kill Sauce Sampler

Kill Sauce?

Havent tried this, but found a Taco podcast that interviewed the maker. The sauce gets a glowing review in the first few minutes, particularly considering that the review is coming from LA.

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On the Kill Sauce website the sampler pack is only $30.00

Does that include shipping? Gourmet prices include shipping.

Update: our bottles are larger. 50ml vs 140ml

Looks like $8 shipping for me. Total of $38. You beat 'em by a penny!

larger bottles

Hi there. The sampler on the Habanero Cartel site are 50ml. Ours are 5oz or 140ml.



Combined with “Cartel” in the company name on top of that . . .