Hackers hack my credit card and the hackers bought many items from your website (around 3800$) how can we cancel the order. please help me.

Contact your credit card company as soon as you can. They can deal with fraudulent charges.

I spoke to them, they block my card, but transaction already approved by them before blocking.

I can’t imagine there is $3800 worth of merchandise on this site that anyone would want :japanese_ogre:



Bank said your website has to reject the order

10 transaction

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Make sure to get ahold of Woot Customer service ASAP so you can try and stop the orders from being shipped which I would hope will make it easier to get the charges reversed (especially if you called the bank and they said some charges were accepted).

Good luck!

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I can not find Woot Customer service email. Do you have it?

If you are on a desktop, it is on the page right when you first login. Or if you are in Forums, at the top of the page there is Shop Woot Deals / Forums Home. Click on Shop Woot Deals to go back to the login page.

On the login page top right click on your Woot name (Wooter583…). There will appear a list that has Customer Service on it.

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You can also contact support by going to your account page and then clicking Support (see screenshot below from app)

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Hello. As noted, the bank is your first line of defense.

You can email support@woot.com. Give them information to help them locate the orders:

  • last 4 digits of the credit card
  • date and amounts of the charges

Woot customer service will see what they can do.

Thanks guys, customer service has contacted with me and the will send my case to IT department, to do the needful, Also I bank had block my credit card.

Thanks again.