Hagafen Cellars Napa Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon



looks good!


Nice. An official woot launch for wine.woot!

Details (for posterity)

Hagafen Cellars Napa Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Fine
1 Hagafen Cellars 2002 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
1 Hagafen Cellars 2003 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


I saw this wine-o once, and he was eating grapes.
I was like… dude… you have to wait!


Probably the best kosher wine producer in the US. I’ve tasted the '00 and '01- the 2000 was phenomenal and the 2001 was just good, and those retail for $35+. I’ll see if i can dig up my tasting notes.


Can anyone confirm if these are kosher / mevushal ?




no shipping to AZ - good for my wallet - looks tasty.


Hagafen website has a 1/2 case of the '02 for $240


Just got back from Sonoma with a case of wine and a lighter wallet. What the hell, I’m in.


Their website lists a case at 481, which is roughly $40/bottle - making this woot worth $80 in product + shipping. Decent enough woot, even if I don’t plan on getting it this time around.



ALL Shopzilla Cab. Sauv’s UNDER $25… plenty of options

… give 'er a search and make your own combo for the woot price if you don’t like this vineyard… but, as is usually the case, i bet this woot is worth the value… anyways… my ‘useful link’ is there incase you need it… enjoy that.


Now, I know that ratings are very subjective and can vary wildly, but does anyone have any idea why the 2003 cab would have only an 80 rating on Wine Spectator?


To all you kosher keeping Hebs out there, I emailed Hagafen to confirm:

Hi Joshua,

Yes, all of our wines are certified OUP and are mevushal, too.

Thanks for thinking of Hagafen!

Josh Stein
Brands Manager
Hagafen Cellars, Inc.
4160 Silverado Trail
Napa, CA 94558
office: (707) 252-0781 x102
cell: (707) 363-9462
fax: (707) 252-4562
email: info@hagafen.com, hagafen2004@yahoo.com

Oh, and also check this hilarious video out:


This site has the 2002 at $40 a bottle also, and lists numerous awards. Reviewed at 90 and 91.



Im in ,
looked around the web and the 2002 goes from 35.00 to about 50.00
plus shipping…
Interesting stories about hagafen (i think a 95) being served by clinton during a big summit .


just got 1, lets hope its good…


This hatred of shipping to Indiana must stop!


I think it’s odd that most of the ratings are in the mid 80’s or so if this wine is as good as the blog and price say it is…Going back to 1987 the best rating is 88 and the worst is 68. Perhaps we can get some more information from the winemaker, etc.

Here’s the full notes from the WS rating:
*Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2003
Kosher. Black cherry and bell pepper aromas lead to lean and tightly wound flavors. Tannins are drying and cedary. Best after 2007. 1,000 cases made.
Score: 80 | Price: $40
Country: California
Region: Napa
Issue: Web Only (2006)


No love for Mass? :frowning: