Hahn Estates 2007 Cabernet Franc - 6 Pack

Hahn Estates 2007 Cabernet Franc - 6 Pack
$51.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2007 Central Coast Cabernet Franc
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Very pleased to report for labrat duty on this wine. Received the package Thursday afternoon, let it rest and had it with dinner tonight.

The wine is a nice deep reddish color. I would say a little more than a ruby red. Nose is pretty tight upon opening, just some fruit and alcohol. First sip- fruity with some heat and a bit of acidity. This really needs some air.

After a little while I can pick out more on the nose. Some red and dark berries, possibly a little smoke, something bitter (dark chocolate?), and fair amount of alcohol showing. No oak.
It tastes pretty smooth, very low tannin, quite a bit of acidity, red berry fruit, and a lot of alcohol, but overall kind of light. It looks and smells bigger than it is and if it wasn’t for the 14.5 alcohol I suspect it would have even less body. The low level of oak also contributes to this. Finish is not bad, medium to long. A little acidic bite at the end.

Definitely more of a food wine due to the high acidity and relatively low body. Not a typical CA Cab Franc but for the price it’s a solid wine. Reminds me of many other central coast wines…kind of that non-descript fruity low tannin high alcohol wine, except this one tastes less “mass produced”.
If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy to drink, food-friendly wine this is it. You could do much worse for under $10 at the store.

Is anyone else skeptical that a well made cab franc can go for less than 10 bucks?


Last wooter to woot: silent7seven

I’m an idiot with poor impulse control. I’ll find out.

Had the 2008 from the winery a few months ago, and paid $23. My note said if it had been woot price it would have been excellent value. I’d love to go in on a set but don’t have the space. Would love to spilt with somebody.

no such thing as not enough space. under the kids’ bed? bathtub? shower? At this price, it could go in the toy chest, as long as the corkscrews are hidden…

i’m not the first sucker, but i had to try it…and if i like it, i’ll regret not buying more, since i love a good franc.

And I’m sure a good Frank loves you, too.

(sorry. I’ve been at work for 15 hours and am getting silly).

Its very tempting but there is little information on the 2007 out there. The reviews of other years are hit and miss. Guess I could go to bevmo and get the 2006 to try first, at roughly the same cost.

I’m a huge fan of Hahn Estases wine!

If you are also a fan, think about joining their wine club after you woot!


This is all there is up on CT:
“Community Tasting Notes (average 83.7 pts. and median of 82 pts. in 3 notes) - hiding notes with no text
Tasted by Carmen.jl on 1/10/2011 & rated 87 points: Paid 9.99 on 1-10.-11
Dark and full flavored (360 views)”

I am a huge Hahn fan, they are very drinkable, in my price point, and I love a dry, fruity red. It is affordable enough to cook with. These will go in my everyday rack and be my go to wine for dinner.

If I order this, what are the chances of having it by September 17? (Thinking of having it for a party.)

I’m hoping it’s better than the Meeker offering, but I’m not holding my breath

I’d say likely, but it depends on where the party is! I am in NY and I typically recieve shipments in 10-12 calendar days from date of purchase.

Think of it this way, worst case, it comes after the party to reload…and nothing like a little hair of the dog. :wink:

Lab Rat report

At first I was a little confused because the overnight package from Sonoma arrived an hour or more before the explanatory email and there was nothing in the box indicating that this was a “Lab Rat” sample, although it was always clear to me that I was to taste and then share what I thought. Wine.woot might want to include the words Lab Rat somewhere with the package.

So, I opened the Hahn Estates Cabernet Franc about a half hour or so before we started drinking. My wife and I poured a couple of glasses and checked out the color, consistency and aromas. My wife’s first impression was that it quite dark and a little “musty” smelling. I liked the deep ruby color and the rich smell. With the first sip my wife said it was “smooth and a little spicy and delicious.” I agreed and remarked that it was heartier than what I anticipated for a Cabernet Franc, and very pleasant.

We had already planned a somewhat spicy dinner of shrimp sautéed with fresh chopped tomatoes and eggplant and dashed with a bit of feta and Romano over pasta and we stayed with this plan. The food and the wine mixed quite well, although I think a meat dish might go even better with this wine than the savory seafood dish.

We enjoyed the bottle to the end. Eventually the initial musty/spicy taste settled down to a simpler, but nice tasting wine. We both decided that it was a very good wine (and I think I will put in for six of them), but it doesn’t rise to the level of something really special, nor does it claim to, and that’s OK. I was thrilled to be a Lab Rat for the first time and very happy to have been able to review a nice wine.

Nice Labrat Report! I know and have tasted with Cesare for almost 4 years now, so his report has credibility with me. (We don’t always agree, but I respect his tasting)

The most important point is that this is likely to be better than anything you can get at a store in the price range. It’s not Iron Horse Cabernet Franc, or my cousin Bill Harrison’s, but it isn’t priced like it and doesn’t pretend to be what it’s not.

Klezman said he paid $23, which sounds too pricey for the wine, but under $10 makes this something anyone needing daily drinking red for the Fall ought to think seriously about.

I’m in for 1, can’t wait to try it out.