Hahn Estates 2007 Cabernet Franc - 6 Pack

Hahn Estates 2007 Cabernet Franc - 6 Pack
$51.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2007 Central Coast Cabernet Franc
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Previous offer:

I ordered this on 9/2, still haven’t received it, tracking # just shows that the info was sent (FedEx doesn’t have the wine).

Bummer, another offer not available in MD! =(

I didn’t order it on 9/2 because I thought it would get shipped out before I could get to my Florida home to receive it. Just ordered it knowing that I will be there starting tomorrow. YIPPEE

Also ordered 9/2. Have not received. Fedex has not confirmed picking it up yet!!!

Informal lab ratter here.

My shipment from the previous offer arrived yesterday. We had some with dinner last night.

I enjoyed it very much. Strong aromas of berries and leather. Deep purple coler, and ready to drink without decanting or aeration.

Open and fruity up front, and continuing solidly through the finish. No heat and very well-balanced. We had it with grilled T-bone steak with a dry rub made of freshly cracked pepper, freshly ground cumin, paprika, garlic powder, salt, and sugar, applied liberally after the steaks were turned. The wine held up extremely well with the steak.

As an everyday drinker I thought this was a great value. I would probably have gone in for more in this woot-off had my shipment arrived before this offering.

Any idea whats going on with FEDUP? They received the package 9/9 but still have no shipping information.

I do not, but I would like to state this is now my new name for FedEx. :smiley:

Just called FedEx only to find that shipping numbers were created but no cases were pickup from Hahn Estates.

Any news on this shipment? I also ordered on 9/2 and Fedex tracking just says Shipment information sent to FedEx (on 9/8).

This is a nice, light fruity, very easy to drink wine.

Yeah, shipping takes a while (up to 3 weeks) but wine is always worth the wait.