Hahn Estates 2007 Cabernet Franc

Same here. Just thinking nostalgically about this wine the other day. A very nice Cab Franc. Getting more of it makes up (somewhat) for missing out on the crap.

My spouse and I rarely like the same wine and we both love this Cab Franc. Easy to drink and not hot.

He likes a Malbec and I prefer a spicy jammy Zin.

I know that doesn’t help you much without specific notes but it has been a while since we opened a bottle. We have ONE bottle left from a previous woot offering.

Cab Franc is generally a blending wine and somewhat rare to find a bottle of just Cab Franc. We generally have a glass of wine after dinner so I can’t help with food pairings either.

I’d open a bottle to give notes, but I just opened a bottle of the JR Richards Old Vine Zin in case it was in the woot off. (I find that wine less jammy and way hot compared to other old vine zins I’ve had)

In for two!


OH, and I want to add my request to the list of people who want the J Dusi Zin / Port if anyone is counting. :slight_smile:


Contrary to the CT notes, I found this a bit tight on the first day, but opening up nicely on the second.

As long as we are putting out wish lists… how about bringing Blue Nomad & Sue back along with Judd & Jim from Humanitas? Good stuff and always great for the forums!

Bought this at the last offer. Thought it was OK the first time. Thought it was better the second time. Good wine for the price…liked the meeker cab franc better, but that is just me. I’ve served the Hahn cab franc at dinner parties and my friends enjoyed it. I would buy it again if I had room…now I’m selectively buying Harvey, Wellington and meeker offers…

Oh no! If this is affecting your wine in bad ways please contact service@woot.com.

Thank you!

I ordered this last time and enjoyed it a lot. It is $15 in our state liquor store here and if I still had a Texas connection to ship it to I would be all over this.

I do like bolder wines though.

I thought this was great and I am thinking of having it sent to my Texas connection and having them cellar it for me until I can make a trip south.

For under $10 a bottle???

Fantastic. Really, really nice.

Where are you? I’m in North DFW and just placed an order for one.

Thanks for letting me know.

It’s hard to know since they weren’t wines I was planning on opening right away. Plus allergies have taken their toll on my taste buds this year, so I haven’t been opening any thing other than sub $10 bottles…

I got the last one! That’s the first time I’ve done that. Great way to celebrate getting a BOC.

sure does! Thanks. I alos opened the JR Zin and liked it but was not wowed…I detected a bit too much oak, heat, and not enough jamminess.

Yes, I agree with you. I’m not sorry I bought it, but also not sure I’d get it again. It isn’t bad but it isn’t great. Or maybe just not what I expected out of “old vine”.


I LOVE THIS WINE. No, seriously, one of my favorites. The only thing stopping me from consuming the bottles I have already faster is the fact that it’s difficult at best to acquire here on the east coast. I’ve been waiting ages, hounding woot hoping that they would have it available again, and then I miss it. Curse my rotten luck. Oh Woot! gods, please hear my prayer and bring back Hahn Cab Franc for my (and my Mrs.') drinking pleasure.

I really liked JR Old Vine. Decanted for an hour after the first taste. Cured the heat…

Sorry for the warm wine. We’re not exactly sure when summer shipping will start, but rest assured that we’ll keep everyone updated when we know for sure.

Now I’m worried that I’m just as unlucky getting this wine as I was getting the crap. I just checked my account and this order isn’t in there, nor did I receive a confirmation e-mail. I emailed woot service, but I’m bummed at the moment.

Anybody else experience this?

So, Service told me I’m SOL, there’s no record of my order, but keep checking back, maybe someday it will come around again. (Gee, thanks!)

Anybody know – was this the last of this vintage?

This is a really bad wine.

I’m so disappointed. Couldn’t even finish a glass worth.