Hahn Estates 2009 Grenache - 3 Pack

Hahn Estates 2009 Grenache - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2009 Hahn Estates Grenache
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So this must be a “Grenache-Off” ?

Is it bad that it took me until just now to realize it’s Grenache day?

First sucker! Whatdayaknow …

Don’t worry we won’t tell the internet… oh wait.

Is there any info on the %alcohol on these wines?

Recommendation: This wine is $10-12 a bottle on average. It can be a quest to find good domestic Red Rhone blends at under the$20 price point, that I’d drink regularly, but this is one I could. It reminds me of the Ortman Red Rhone blend I reviewed last month; it’s enjoyable and easy to drink, at a great price. Some nights I love complex, deeper brooding wines, some nights I want an comfy sweater.

Darn it, the wines have been switched.

In for one. My girlfriend’s Father’s girlfriend’s (make sense?) last name is Hahn. Easy X-mas gift.

On the main page: 14.5%

$55/3 = $18.33 not $10-12

Are you indicating that it is worth less or that you can get it cheaper elsewhere? If this were $10-12 I’d be jumping all over it. As it stands I am hoping for more info.

What was the Monterey growing season like in 2009 and what does that do for Grenache grapes?

This selection isn’t offered on the winery website but the other 3 Hahn Estates varieties all list for $25-$30 (Chard $25, Syrah $27, Pinot Noir $30) so I assume this would normally fall into that same price range. Basically, it’s buy 2 get 1 free.

Hoping for some rattage on this one since there are no reviews online but it sounds interesting.

Not quite on a SIWBM yet but determined to only buy 1 Grenache offering. Will this, should this, be the one?

I purchased the R2 Grenache offering about a month ago and thought it was amazing (wife concurred). I think it was $50 for 2 bottles of Gremnache and 2 pinots. Enjoyed both varietals. I waitng for R2 to show up. My two cents

Bought it because the logo looks like a chicken. Hey. I like chiken. I like grenache.

Now if only they can offer a nebbiolo.

Which wines alc levels were you looking for?!?!?

Man that coffee is strong, since you are still up.

Just getting my second wind! Drove the kids to school and now ‘back to work’ . . . before opening the tasting room a bit later . . .

Hope you all enjoy the Grenache Day Woot Off . . . and perhaps you’ll hear from me a bit later (-:


For what it’s worth, I am a big fan of Hahn’s Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, but no idea about their reds.

How old are the vines for this grenache? Also, what was the yield per acre? I have found these to be good indicators of quality especially for Grenache.