Hahn Estates Red Quartet

I’ve had their 2003 Central Coast Cabernet. In my opinion it wasn’t bad for the price. The nose was full of fruit - cherries, blackberries, some smoke and a little oak. It was probably the fruitiest cab I’ve tasted. Lots of cherry and berries, again a little oak. I remember it had a very short dry finish.

For 50 bucks this is a pretty good buy. I’m in.

Regarding the CT info on the 2005 Smith & Hook, I’m not sure I trust the “avg price” of the two entries at $16.50 - it seems low. BevMo sells it for $22.99. When I checked CT’s “other vintages,” 2001-2003, the avg price was around $22, and the ratings were pretty good.

These wines sound interesting. But I, too, am disappointed that the Cab Franc isn’t included – discovered this as a standalone varietal last year and it’s one of my favorite finds now. [edit: I meant Cab Franc in general – I haven’t tried the Hahn wines.]

Love love love the Meritage. One of my favorites for the price. Supplanted the Coppola Claret at that price point for me. Feel comfortable from reading that the Cab is good stuff. A little gun shy on Pinot’s lately and not sure about the Red Flyer. Can anyone comment on these?

mill must have a giant cellar just devoted to wine.woot.

hum… 4 wines for 50 dollars… I m in the market currently for some cheap wines and id say these would fit the bill. I shall think about it. wnemaker come persuade me!

well, it’s still 110 here in phoenix…

but alas, this week’s offer isn’t coming to arizona.

i’d raise the smith & hook to $20, drop the meritage to $11, the red flyer to $6 (its readily available at Trader Joe’s for $5.99). Just to be a lil more precise =P Good job on the price linking tho, rather helpful.

ohhh also, i’ve seen the Tytanium wine at the Wine pavilion in the OC, they had it for 24.99. I see quite a few wine.woots there

yeah i’ve seen that red flyer at TJ’s commonly for about 7 bucks. its one of the better wines for the price. a little spicey if i remember right.

Guessed correctly…but alas DC doesn’t seem to be listed as a permissible state despite the Hahn website saying they do ship to DC.

Bat woot guys, the price isn’t good enough to get me to buy it. If the wines retailed at 65 or 75 I’d have bought them and broke them apart and sued them as gifts but these wines arent that good of wines, hell one of them is nearly a two buck chuck, selling for a mere $7 on average.

Arrrgh… methinks that me FIL’s penchant fer the Hahn libations that he be sharin’ wit me inflooence me a wee bit…

wait a minute, why am I posting in pirate-ese?

I’ve liked the Hahn Cabs that I’ve had at my inlaws in recent weeks. Will wait and see what the maker has to say… it may only take a nudge to topple me off the fence.

Talk like a pirate day is coming! September 19! see


make it a 7 buck chuck

Gosh. Is it true? Our nation’s capital is off the list this week? No wine for me. A little forced frugality, I guess.

Oh, and the Jim Bakker reference went right over my head. Didn’t click at all until this morning. I guess I’m either too old or too young (well, forget the young part).

Still 95+ everyday here in Florida, unless it rains more like 90 with a lot of steam.

It still says $7 shipping for me…it is way to hot in Texas to leave something on the UPS truck all day, so leave it until October, please.

Meritage. I’ll have to be in somehow, but will wait until I’ve finished the bills.

Anyway, the sites:

Hahn Estates
Smith & Hook
Red Flyer

Red Flyer is Flash heavy.


Morning All,

Was out late last night and just woke up to my alarm so I could check out how everything is going, forgive me if I’m a bit groggy before my first coffee of the morning. My name’s Joshua Cairns and I run the direct sales for Hahn. Making sure the website doesn’t crash, getting the wine shipped out on internet orders, checking the wine institute website everyday to see if there is another state I can start shipping to, representing all the Hahn brands at shows and events, etc.

Adam Lazarre the winemaker is out and about today, but he’s told me to text him questions about the wine and he’ll be on later to converse. If you have read through his wine notes on the Hahn website you know he has a way with words and I’m looking forward to seeing where our conversations this week take us.

So, let me skim through the posts so far and see what I can see.

Alright, first my favorite topic in the whole world (when it’s not causing me to bang my head on my desk), compliance. Hahn definitely looks to play by the rules so currently that means DC and Arizona are no go for us. DC has a legal limit of one bottle per month (http://wi.shipcompliant.com/StateDetail.aspx?StateID=41) and we produce just a bit above 20,000 gallons so we are not able to get our hands on an AZ permit (http://wi.shipcompliant.com/StateDetail.aspx?StateID=31). As proven by some of the last Woot offerings, there are ways to ship wine into the states, but the compliance is cumbersome for the alternate routes and we haven’t gotten them in place yet. For Vermont the permit is one of the most expensive in the Union and we had not had enough direct business opportunities to justify the couple of grand it would cost us.

So that’s that. Sorry about the long paragraph but hopefully it’s somewhat fun to learn something about one of the most heavily regulated industries around (do I sound frustrated by dealing with it on a daily basis… nah).

I would have loved to include the Cab Franc but it’s pretty heavily allocated right now so the only ways to acquire it are finding it in your local store or being a club member and purchasing from the tasting room/website. Couldn’t kick loose enough to satisfy everyone.

Since Red Flyer is a Rhone style red table wine we went with the Rhone style name for added authenticity, or we thought it sounded better, or Adam likes to confuse everyone around him. Red Flyer is really a great wine for hot days on a porch when you are looking for something clean and bright to sip into the evening (personal experience). You’ll likely hear me say several times that Hahn’s goal is to over deliver the wine in the price point. We want to make wines people will drink and feel good about, not try once and think “that so wasn’t worth the price”.

Alright, what have I done here? This morning’s entertainment will include the guy who can’t remember how to correctly code html. Little help

It’s not directly html, here’s a guide

The last time I checked a few months ago, of the states that require a permit, Vermont looked to be among the CHEAPEST states for permitting ($300/year for permit + ~$2000 of ‘reporting’). Are we just too small (State Pop is only about 630,000) with too few winos to make the effort worthwhile?

With the exception of the Francis Ford Coppola offerings, every other offering I can recall has had Vermont on the Ship-To list. I’m just curious what leads the bigger wineries (for wine.woot, FFC & Hahn are ‘big’ when compared to the typical offerings) to drop some states that the smaller wineries routinely include. Is it due to increased permitting costs due to increased production, is there something about WineCountryConnect’s middle-man role that makes it more attractive for smaller wineries to ship to smaller markets, or is there something more obvious that I don’t see.

I think at this point we’re all used to the “Tediously Long” crap-shoot for MA, IN, NJ, AZ, etc. where it’s a big PITA to deal with the states’ compliance rules, but it’s always a curve ball (maybe more like a wild pitch?) when the ‘regulars’ get axed from the list.