Hahn Estates Red Quartet

That’s my official guess too. I remember thinking about them during a SonomaBouliste “scavenger hunt”.

Christian Brothers? Or who they sold to? Greystone? Inglenook? Hess? Beaulieu?

i’m south of you in the valley. i really haven’t had any problems with the wine woots, only the past couple of orders have been slow to ship due to the “heat”. but as you are well aware, there’s not much difference between the temps in june or in september. i guess they’re just trying to be helpful. the last wine woot i got came fedex and had several of the ketchup packet gels. it was fine. the previous shipment came via ups, and was a tad warm. i’m in for 2 of the hahns, as well as the seghesio. so let’s hope for the best!

Received the Package today (woo-hoo!), which of these do you recommend enjoying now, and which would benefit the most from cellaring for a while?

Do you have any comments on the drinking windows for these?

Thank you!

My account never transitioned from ‘Your order is in’ to ‘Shipped’ and therefore I missed the FedEx delivery yesterday. Is this a normal problem or just a lack of communication between the winery and WOOT? I’ve only purchased wine one other time and received a tracking number when it was shipped. Would someone that has a longer history with Wine.WOOT than I have please let me know how often this problem occurs.


Is there a delay in the shipping of these at all? I ordered last Wednesday, though Alt Ref tracking I found that Fedex has record of my shipment, but it’s been sitting “package data transmitted” since Tuesday. I’m in MN, so there isn’t usually too much of a delay in shipping or delivery.

Stumbled upon a 2003 Red Flyer @ the store tonight for $8 and picked one up. Still got half a bottle of Jepson Syrah to polish off, so sampling will have to wait.

I found a 2003 Hahn Meritage at the State “Premium Collection” store in Bala Cynwyd. Keep in mind that I’m in Pennsylvania, so “state store” has a much higher-end meaning than in some places, so it’s not that much of a surprise.

Anyway, snapped it up. Now have ten wines for the Meritage party in 2010.

I am having the same problem. UPS says data transmitted, but not yet actually picked up. Also, I thought the shipping was no longer UPS ground, but FedEx? I live in NC and ordered as a gift for someone in SC.

Im in the same boat… we are all going to have some really expensive salad dressing by the time this crap shows up!! way to go Woot!!!

How about some information about the shipping delays. Doesn’t make a customer feel very comfortable about the capability of Wine.woot. Communicate!Communicate! Communicate!

Rec’d in NY today.

hello, pardon the delay. we checked on this and some of the “gifting” packages were delayed so if this is a gift you may see a longer transit than normal. if you selected the wine on Wed/Thur/Friday of the deal and you live in the “Refer Truck” states, expect delivery tomorrow. Best to send an email to: service@woot.com for specifics on your particular package.

Again, sorry for the delay in getting on here.

Mine arrived today… but NO “KETCHUP” paket was inside… I live in North Carolina and I thought this is why we paid the extra $2?? whats up with that… i was really looking forward to seeing what that thing was all about. :slight_smile:

East Coasters get a special shipment from CA to NYC in a refrigerated truck. From there it’s dropped off w/ UPS for what should be 2-day delivery. The ketchup packs are for those who DON’T get the reefer truck and are outside a 2ish day delivery window to keep the package cool for at least part of the journey.

For the Reefer truck folks, the packets would serve no practical purpose since they’d ‘melt’ and reach equilibrium with the refrigeration temp before getting to NYC. That wouldn’t really do much to control the wine temp once it enters the realm of Brown.

I gifted my woot to my g/f in NYC (to a door man address) and it still hasn’t gotten there and UPS doesn’t show it as having been shipped. Seems like everyone else in NYC is getting their vino… Should I be having a little man to man “chat” with the doorman? Any info on expected delivery dates would be greatly appreciated guys!

hold off on interrogating the door man. Several “gift” orders were caught up when we needed to replenish the Hahn Wines to the warehouse. You’ll get the wine in good shape, but they are delayed.

For specifics, contact service@woot.com.



Being Pinot Noir fans, we jumped on this woot! and are just now enjoying the Hahn 2005 Monterey Pinot. Eh…not spectacular, got what we paid for. We are accustomed to full-bodied heavy fruit Carneros Pinot Noir (thank god we live in Nor Cal) and this wine did not live up to our expectations. Decent for the price, glad we tried, but won’t look for it again. Looking forward to seeing if the other three bottles impress us more.


Had the Cab Sauv tonight. Decanted and tasted over about 4-5 hours.
Very tasty. Very good at first (did not have a chance to taste until about 1/2 an hour in the decanter) and continued to get better, softer (?).
Aroma definitely reminded me of a cherry pipe tobacco my brother used to smoke. Not like sticking your nose in the tobacco jar, just reminded me of it (I guess that’s why it’s referred to as an aroma). Really enjoyed this one - I’m pretty sure I have a 2nd to lay down for couple of years.

Had a glass of this at a restaurant recently. That NAILS the aroma. I really liked the Cab, too. I actually get some similar notes from the Cycles Gladiator Cabernet, too.