Hahn Estates Red Quartet

yay for new indiana legislature… however we still have a few bumps left in the road

check the shipping thread, but i believe they all come out of the same location in CA from the wine.woot headquarters. (at least when i check my ups they all come from the same place).

So the procedure should be the same for each place

sort of… being from indiana, my wine was always shipped to an indiana retailer then shipped to me when indiana shipping is available.

If you’re sooooo excited, how about opening up the wine.woot clue vault with another hint?

Buena Vista? was mentioned above.

Perhaps the first winery in Sonoma valley?

enodude: I’m dating myself, but I was there when they painted Kevin Sweeney’s yellow line of yardage from downtown Fresno all the way to Bulldog Stadium. I wonder if it’s still there. Two things I miss from Fresno State…tomato chips and Fresno State Dairy Ice Cream.

Sorry just noticed Winedavid actually logged in…this is Winefarm! GO YOU BULLDOGS!!!

I mentioned this winery before and am very happy to showcase them.

Did you finally manage to bend the right ear(s) at Grgich Hills?

WD, any idea when I might hear something about my replacement bottle of Maximus? I e-mailed service@woot almost 3 weeks ago (8/22); no replacement bottle, no response.

Help, please.

The Sake’ volume put a crimp in our response to replacement bottles (candidly). Plus we had to get more wine from the good folks at Mandolina (who are very contrite about the Nebbiolo and more than making amends- you’ll see).

i envision everything to be cleaned up this coming week. We appreciate your patience.

Clue: You know i’ve always been a sucker for California Italian heritage (this time outside the town of Sonoma). Dating back to 1895 i believe.

Uvaggio Vermentino? Edit: definitely not. =)


That’s my official guess too. I remember thinking about them during a SonomaBouliste “scavenger hunt”.

Christian Brothers? Or who they sold to? Greystone? Inglenook? Hess? Beaulieu?

i’m south of you in the valley. i really haven’t had any problems with the wine woots, only the past couple of orders have been slow to ship due to the “heat”. but as you are well aware, there’s not much difference between the temps in june or in september. i guess they’re just trying to be helpful. the last wine woot i got came fedex and had several of the ketchup packet gels. it was fine. the previous shipment came via ups, and was a tad warm. i’m in for 2 of the hahns, as well as the seghesio. so let’s hope for the best!

Received the Package today (woo-hoo!), which of these do you recommend enjoying now, and which would benefit the most from cellaring for a while?

Do you have any comments on the drinking windows for these?

Thank you!

My account never transitioned from ‘Your order is in’ to ‘Shipped’ and therefore I missed the FedEx delivery yesterday. Is this a normal problem or just a lack of communication between the winery and WOOT? I’ve only purchased wine one other time and received a tracking number when it was shipped. Would someone that has a longer history with Wine.WOOT than I have please let me know how often this problem occurs.


Is there a delay in the shipping of these at all? I ordered last Wednesday, though Alt Ref tracking I found that Fedex has record of my shipment, but it’s been sitting “package data transmitted” since Tuesday. I’m in MN, so there isn’t usually too much of a delay in shipping or delivery.

Stumbled upon a 2003 Red Flyer @ the store tonight for $8 and picked one up. Still got half a bottle of Jepson Syrah to polish off, so sampling will have to wait.