Hahn SLH Estate Santa Lucia Highlands White - 2+2 Pack

Hahn SLH Estate Santa Lucia Highlands White - 2+2 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping * (summer shipping has ended)*
2 Hahn SLH Estate Chardonnay Santa Lucia Highlands 2007
2 Hahn SLH Estate Pinot Gris Santa Lucia Highlands 2008
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2007 seems a bit old for the Chard as the acid isn’t that high. Winery?

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Hahn’s another label for Huntington, so well in, merbill and Kyle, you score the big points this week.

How much alcohol are in these?

Five bucks for shipping means we’re throwing in the towel on summer, too.

Ack…to many whites! :wink:

Someone told me reading was good for your heart. :wink:

Where’s that WorldofJohnny character who’s always talking about New York? :tongue:

The Chard is $25/bottle from the winery and the Pinot Gris is $20/bottle, so this is either a solid 44% or so off (not counting shipping), or two free bottles of Pinot Gris, depending on your perspective.

And finally, before I’m off to bed, who knows something about the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation? This estate apparently also grows Pinot Noir and Syrah, which is an interesting melange of grapery for a single vineyard to grow.

I can’t keep the Sta. Rita Hills AVA separate from the Sta. Lucia Highlands AVA. I live too close to French-speaking parts I guess. Both are Santa Woman’s_Name Geographical_Feature.

Do we have to worry about any smoke taint in the 2008 Pinot Gris?

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In the lists, weighing in right around 50% off, I give you the defender of $5 shipping, the protector of pale prestige, the king of the coop, Sir… Hahn… Estates!

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Two slightly oaky chards and two pinot gris. Well what can I say? I haven’t had anything from Hahn Family Estates but from the description these are exactly what my palate likes so this gets my “I’m InShadows, and I approve of this offering.”

Same appellation as two of the four Morgan selections from their recent woot offering - the Gris I ratted was Santa Lucia, as was the Highland Chardonnay. The SB you ratted was “Monterey County”.

Santa Lucia is the highlands on the west side of the Salinas Valley in the area near Gonzalez and Soledad. The highlands are part of the east face of the Santa Lucia Mountains. The west side of the Santa Lucia Mountains forms the Big Sur coastline. Because the Salinas Valley opens into Monterey Bay, the area has significant marine air exposure.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the marine influences were stronger in the Salinas Valley than in Napa and Sonoma Valleys, since the Salinas Valley opens directly onto the ocean instead of an inland bay.

From personal observations (both on the ground and in flying between northern and southern California) summer afternoon sea breezes carry coastal air a considerable distance inland. With the marine influences, the range of elevations, and the geographic conditions, a wide variety of microclimates and terrains exist within Santa Lucia.

Here is a link to a PDF showing vineyards in Santa Lucia: www.paraisovineyards.com/files/SLH_AVA_Map.pdf. Lone Oak Vineyard appears to be extend up the first elevated bench, almost opposite Gonzalez, with an elevation range of of 300 to 600 ft MSL.

A couple of more informational links about Santa Lucia Highlands:

Santa Lucia Highlands - from winegeeks.com


Help me out… I love almost all varietals… love zins, cabs, pinots noir, i.e., most reds, and red blends… also rieslings, chards, and to some degree, sav blanc… but pinot gris always seems like drinking water… will this one be any different???

Good question. If it’s like the Morgan winery gris that I ratted a little over a week ago it should be splendid. If it’s like many other pinots gris …

So am I wrong? Have I just had bad luck with Pinot Gris in the past??? Or do others agree… not much to most??