Hahn SLH Estate Santa Lucia Highlands White - 2+2 Pack

Drats! Outed as an Idahoan.

Hahn SLH Estate Santa Lucia Highlands White - 2+2 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
2 Hahn SLH Estate Chardonnay Santa Lucia Highlands 2007
2 Hahn SLH Estate Pinot Gris Santa Lucia Highlands 2008
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Thanks to Cesare for the links from the previous offering.

Wow - daja Hahn! Has Woot ever done that before?

I’m in!
Tried the Pinot Gris at a buddy’s house and really liked it. Hoping the Chard. is equally good.

Fun read I came across recently:

Drinking Pinot Grigio and Proud of It

$49.99 + $5 shipping (summer shipping has ended)

What does “summer shipping has ended” mean?

Woot copied and pasted the offer text from last time. Summer shipping is $7, and the offer came right as the $5 rate returned.

They sold 104 of these in September. Does anyone want to share tasting notes?

I got this when it was regularly offered on Woot, and I loved it!

I would love to grab this, but received “the talk” from the husband last night, so I am trying to stick to just one offering today and holding out in case something I can’t refuse comes along! (coughEsotericacough)


You are SWMBO.

Use the force, Mo. :wink:

Ha! True, but he is “HWMPTB”… he who must pay the bills. (At least until I finish law school!)

Bouncy Bouncy, let’s go people. Get this moving!

Are you saying the wine is bouncy? Aroma of rubber?