Haier 14,000 BTU A/C

I’m in for one of the Haier HPN14XCM-C 14,000 BTU A/C. Satisfied with the reviews on Amazon and I really need another unit. I have a similar 8K made by another company and like the portability. See what happens.

Do you have to empty a container of water (from condensation)? Do you set a temperature and it automatically stops when it hits that temperature? I would like to use this in case my home a/c unit dies.

Is there a warranty provided? I could not find that information.

This item is covered by Woot’s 90 Day Warranty

As for water removal, the descriptions says “Auto-evaporation allows continuous operation without water removal”

I will ask the vendor about temperature related shut-offs. I’ll keep you posted with what I find!

From what I understand, auto evaporation only works under ideal conditions (hot, low humidity like Arizona?). I used another model and ended up putting a bit of hose on the “seasonal” drain outlet and filled a bucket of water a lot.

Hope all of yours worked. Mine arrived DOA and all cracked and stuff.

Oh man, that stinks! I assume you’ve contacted CS already, but if not, be sure to include a pic, if possible. Let us know how things go. :confused: