Haier 32" 720p LCD HDTV



I saw my name in the product description so I had to log out just to see if Woot! was playing some kind of mind trick on us…


Yes this only has 2 HDMI Ports, Yes you’re only paying 200 dollars for it. Be realistic with your expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

Thunderthighs any news on how these are shipping? Are these small enough to ship without a pallet and not worry about them getting damaged?


Anyone have any of these models or feedback regarding Haier TV’s? Would any of these be okay to play games on from a PS3?

I don’t really need anything fancy as I am setting up one of our bedrooms as a small video game room (mostly to just get the video game clutter out of the living rooms).


Some one fill me in about this T.V. please? I am actually really interested in this. Ever since my old CRT tv started making this high pitched squeal (commonly referred to as “the mosquito”) I haven’t been able to watch my movie or play games.

Wife said we could look into a new 32 inch if we could get it for close to $200. This certainly fits the bill.


I don’t have any information on that but we generally don’t have issues with the smaller TVs. There’s always the odd mishap of course but the “Powers that Be” above me are watching things closely.

And of course, if there is a problem, email service@woot.com for assistance.


I went to the haier website and all I got was this stupid Energy Guide

Didn’t see a user manual on the haier website but based on 11 cents per kwh for 5 hours a day this baby will run you 21 dollars a year.


for those wondering about the quality look of the brand i can not help you but two things that were red flags for me are the 60hz refresh rate (very slow) and the fact it can only handle 720p HD (kind of old technology)


Close, but no cigar. Just an hour earlier ordered a NEW 32" LED tv for the same price from another “1 sale a day” site.


Great, there’s a 32" 720p Westinghouse (new) on 1saleaday too (listed on deals.woot also). Wondering now which is better…

So I am confused about the refresh rate, is it really that noticeable? I have a 47" LG and 37" JVC both 1080p and at 60hz and I don’t notice anything playing my PS3 or XBox, they both display games beautifully.


Totally random question–how does the Haier brand compare to the Westinghouse brand?




Wiki the mfg.Lots of info there.


Just noticed, these are LCD the other site is an LED if it helps…


I have this exact tv. The picture is decent but the speakers suck,


Man if you’re in the market for a 32" TV you’re in luck
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** And Lastly: Another Challenger Appears!**
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gee, i’m glad I got my 32" vizio 720p LCD HDTV in the woot plus for $200, i have never heard of this brand and would have been tempted to buy it


I think that DOES help–isn’t LED superior to LCD?


First post in 8 years and this is what you offer? GFWI? Thanks! I didn’t think to look it up!


I bought this TV 6 months ago from Woot’s parent site brand new for $2 cheaper, so it doesn’t sound like that great a deal. That being said, it is a decent TV. I use it exclusively for my X360 through HDMI, and it looks great.

NOTE: The sound does suck and it doesn’t have a composite audio out. It does have a headphone out which I have hooked up to a 2.1 sound bar so the overall set up works for me.