Haier 32" 720p LCD HDTV

That’s a Haier of a good deal.

But really, anyone know how long these last and what the sound/picture quality is?

For starters, I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for a refurbished 720P television. So that’s pretty much all I have to say.Well,I lied.I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for a 32 inch refurbed 720P television.

Having recently been shopping for a 32" TV, you’re not going to find a price a whole lot better and a 1080p 32" TV at that price will be few and far between.

Is there any difference between the models?¿

I have an RCA that I got for $215. It’s a brand new 32 inch and it’s 1080P.I actually bought 3 of them/

But it’s an RCA.

The differences are detailed on the Specs tab on the Detail page.


More truth.

If your thinking you have never heard of Haier, they are the major producers of college dorm room sized fridges. And here is a link to Haier for the L32B1120

Bought one on a Black Friday sale this past year. Using it for a playroom tv and is also hooked up to my computer. Works fine for what it is.

The only complaints I found when buying it were that the speakers are poor quality. Kids don’t care, and I added a good speaker system to the computer.

I bought this TV new for 199.00 about a year ago. The picture is very good. The sound is not very good. Definitely needs to be hooked up to some external speaks. Has a reasonable number of inputs; the base is a little cheap. Haier is a joint German/Chinese company that makes major appliances. At 32", the difference between 720 and 1080p is negligible.

Its also not that far away from Black Friday now…How much is a new vs a reject oops refurb worth to you.

Unless you want it for computer use… also $199 new vs $179 used a year later screams its not a good deal.

It says PC input but dorsn’t specify connector type. I don’t see a VGA connector in the pics either. Looks pretty weak in the input department.


Not sure why folks are knocking the RCA brand, but I bought the 32" RCA refurb (with DVD combo) for $209 back in June and it works great. It has replaced a small, 19" TV in our bedroom, and the 720P looks perfect from 12 feet away. No problems whatsoever. (Your mileage may vary.)

I don’t know much about the Haier brand, but for this price, it seems like a good deal as a secondary (or tertiary) set. Heck, I may pick up one of these just to put in my garage / workshop. Why miss precious minutes of the game just because your wife needs something fixed! :slight_smile:

PC inputs are always VGA or dvi. If it’s not VGA you can convert it.

Just went to amazon and read a comprehensive review that says the sound quality is bad. Don’t know what model but considering the hassle of returns I’m not willing to take the chance. sorry woot.

Never heard of this brand, but about the same price compared to the deals currently on TigerDirect.com for the
same spec TV in a better known brand.