Haier 45-Pint Dehumidifier - White

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Haier 45-Pint Dehumidifier - White
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I would want a drain hose as an included option. emptying this pan would get old quick.

Overstock has a good review
Amazon users seem to like it too

Is this one of those Gree electric appliance “Branded” dehumidifiers? The model number format looks similar.

I need a new one of these since my previous model was recalled along with a million or so other ones.

After that massive recall, I don’t trust anything made at that giant Gree factory in China except that most of the branded dehumidifiers are actually made by them, just with a different company name on unit.

I guess I’m stuck until I can find a nice model made anywhere except Gree!

Let’s check out the product page for an extremely similar model and let’s learn all about Haier

I certainly hope you don’t consider a career in nursing… :slight_smile:

lol. im actually a housekeeper in a hospital. I know many nurses and for the responsibility they have they aren’t paid nearly enough.

Dehumidifying is a good Summer option for those who are sensitive to cold temperatures or whose household wiring won’t permit an air conditioner. Both describe my mother, who can’t stand cold drafts. And her fuse blows if a high wattage appliance is on the same time as the fridge. A dehumidifier and a fan (she loves her Dyson) would carry her through the Summer. My only qualm is that dehumidifiers are often very loud.

I’ve not yet found any dehumidifer which comes with a drain hose. I just took an old garden hose, cut it and laid it to the main basement drain - easypeasy.

FYI, the first air conditioner, which recently celebrated its 100th birthday, was really a dehumidifier. Cooling the air was just a lucky side effect. A New York publisher complained that humidity caused paper to jam in his high speed presses. An engineer noticed that a large pipe carrying cold water ran across the ceiling. As many of you know, a cold container [i.e. milk carton] quickly gets wet in hot humid weather. This is due to condensation, where moisture in the air converts to water on cold surfaces. The engineer aimed a bunch of fans toward the pipe and voila, instant dehumidification. Moist air collected on the cold pipe, where it became water that was drained out.

My father was recently hospitalized and I’m also a medical researcher so I know hospital staff quite well. I completely agree with you regarding nurses, but would also give props to you housekeepers. You guys are often the only friendly faces patients see in between procedures. A kind word and smile mean a lot, and we got a lot of them from the housekeeping staff. But unlike the medical staff, you guys don’t get any recognition. That’s why we wrote letters of appreciation to hospital administration acknowledging each person by name.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear earlier. this model does not offer the option to drain the water at all. the only method of getting rid of the collected water is by dumping the collection pan.

On the WOOT listing, on the Features tab, under “Safety and Convenience”, the first bullet point is “Trouble free drain connect”.

you’re right. thanks. I didn’t think it came with that option

I live in the north and have a full basement. I run my dehumidifier non stop from May through September. It keeps my basement from smelling like a basement. Last year my Haier which was about 8 years old quit working. I replaced it with a 70-pint Soleus. Now I only have to empty it once a day. No complaints about the Haier though-they are all kind of loud-we do a lot of living in the basement, you just have to get used to it.

I also run my dehumidifier in the basement during the warmer months, but I use a drain line (old piece of garden hose).
I have to empty it… uh… well, I guess I never have to.

I agree! I’ve been in the hospital enough times to know that nurses not only have a ton of responsibility, no matter where they work they are nearly always short staffed and run themselves ragged during their shifts. And, very often are underappreciated, even verbally abused, by patients (and some doctors).

Looking at the CPSC website, it does not show Haier as a recalled brand.
I have two Haier dehumidifiers sitting my basement right now . BOTH are non-functioning. One was replaced under warranty. The second lasted just past the warranty date.
Had to go back to using a 30 year old Kenmore.

This company warrants its NEW dehumidifier for ONLY one (1) month??!!! This company only has faith its product will last one (1) month? I know that WooT gives an additional eleven (11) months warranty; but if you bought this product in a box-store, you’d only get ONE months warranty? I wouldn’t pay good money for a mechanical/electrical product with only one months warranty. Most products have a ninety day warranty (which I think is too little). What happened to the one year warranty?