Haier 45-Pint Dehumidifier - White

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Haier 45-Pint Dehumidifier - White
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3/23/2014 - $149.99 - 28 comment(s)

Let’s check out the product page for an extremely similar model and let’s learn all about Haier

This is really common sense, but do not forget you have to empty the bucket. (Speaking from personal experience) Maybe put a leak frog next to it?

It should shut off automatically when the bucket is full

Does it have a method to attach a permanant tube drain and bypass the bucket?

So don’t quote me, but EVERY dehumidifier that I have ever seen, was rated for how many pints it pulled per 24 hour period, which is much more important than what it holds. Chances are this PULLS 45 pints, but probably holds 19-21. Could be wrong.

I would need to see a picture of the back of the unit with a drain hose attached. I can’t find any picture anywhere of the back.

+1 on this. 45 pints of water is over 5 gallons and weighs more than 45 pounds.

In regards to this Dehumid regardless… get one with a pump unless you can let it drain. Dealing with dumping the bucket sucks.

I have 3 dehumidifiers. One in my master bathroom and 2 in a beach place. The two running at the beach place has saved a TON of headache because the humidity levels are so high. The one in the bathroom… same. We were getting surface mold around the windows, etc. because the humidity would stay so high.

I’m leery of any and all dehumidifiers these days with recall after recall issued for these things due to fire hazards!

Reviews are not spectacular over at Wally World:

(Note- not the exact same model number…)

This looks just like another brand/model that I have (probably built by the same actual company in China) … but there is a hose connect bypass which you can connect a garden hose to. It will the bypass dumping the water into the bucket and just shoot it down the hose.


Not the greatest reviews on Amazon :confused:

FWIW – I have a Frigidaire dehumidifier that is approximately the same size, and the bucket holds just under 2 gallons (16 pints) which is about all I want to carry to empty on my plants, etc. It will fill 2 - 3 times a day when the humidity & gulf wind is up. So, I’m guessing (concurring) that the 45 pint rating is per 24 hour period.

If you avoid all categories of products that have recalls, you might as well be a hermit.

Sounds like when they work, they work well, when they don’t the customer service is rotten.

Since Haier makes these for everyone (just like microwaves), it may be wise to find it under another brand with a service area near you.

FYI, I have a small Haier washing machine and it has been great. But I go it from a well-established local store.

Answer to Back Drain Question

You can use a drain hose if you want.

I have a drain hose attached. It works great so far.