Haier 4G 3” Touchscreen Media Player

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Haier 4G 3" Touchscreen Media Player
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I am appalled . . . APPALLED I say! . . . by this disloyalty to Sansa!

Hmmmm…this isn’t a roomba

4G is 4 gig, it doesn’t connect to a phone network. Time to change notation, Woot!

Anyone have stats or storage size or something?

Just as I clicked I WANT ONE (flying Batman) & whamo! Some sort of mp3 player. =/


belongs in a BoC!!!

what…you don’t know how to read? it’s all there in the product description…duh

did the 4gb in the title and the description miss your grasp?

I don’t think it’s their notation. It appears to be part of the product name.

Looks like they updated it already, thus making my original comment look insane.

Will this refrigerate stuff?

You can use it to store your family pet pictures and display movies of your questionable evening activities to friends. When your not participating in devious acts, you can play upto a 1000 songs on this nifty gadget, sweet sweet snail trails!

haier? dont the make washers and dryers?
wonder who really makes this

It said 4G at first, like a network speed. They fixed it now.