Haier 65 Pint Dehumidifier

Bought this the last time it was offered. I will say it DOES work great so far. I have it running in my aquarium room and it has kept things dry so far. the bad news is, its loud, very loud. The outer case apparently isn’t made with exacting standards and it rattles. I have strapped a bungee around it and it has quieted down a lot but I feel I will have to take it apart eventually and apply some foam tape to key areas to make it as quiet as I know it can be.

Did you check the internals, to see if anything is loose? That might be the issue.

Now, since it does work great, I might spring for this to use in the basement. It’s a bit musty down there, and I don’t want a mold situation.

LOVE THE DEHUMIDIFIER. Give it a 5 stars out of 5. Just it got this morning & plugged it right in. In just 6 hours it gathered a ton of water in our humid, damp, nasty-smelling upstairs laundry room. Came without the wheels attached to the bottom (in a bag) & even better. Doesn’t rattle around. It does make noise & throws off warm air but all within the normal range. I had some hesitation b/c it is refurbished but I’d never notice. Purchased based on review above. Thanks!