Haier 8,000 BTU Portable AC

3/4 good reviews on Walmart.


I got this on here a few weeks ago, except I paid $200.

I got one on newegg last week (new) paid $269 total. If only I had known it was coming to woot. Works pretty good, my room is only 120sq ft. I have two servers and a gaming PC in my office, took the room from 88F down to 74F. Was easy to setup and smaller then it looks. Pretty quiet on low, has a timer for off & on but no temp timer setting. First time I turned it on it took a couple of hours to cool the room down, it was pretty hot in the room. Now I just turn it on/off as needed… has other features, so read the spec’s…

The most expensive one has an efficiency ratio, the cheapest on does no show it. What is it?

Haier Model # HPRB08XCM Internet # 204712070 8,000 BTU 250 sq. ft. Cool Only Portable Air Conditioner with 70 Pint/Day Dehumidification Mode and LCD Remote Control
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Haier 8,000 BTU 250 sq. ft. Cool Only Portable Air Conditioner with 70 Pint/Day Dehumidification Mode and LCD Remote Control
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$249.00 /each


Hey just wondering how is the drainage for water on this unit? I do not see a water hose with the unit.

Per the vendor: Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is 7.5

The unit has three modes: A/C, Dehumidify, and Fan.

When on ‘Dehumidify’, you will need to open the condensation tank drain and provide a pan for the water to drain into or the tank may overflow. For more permanent use, a small diameter hose can be attached to the drain to allow the water to flow to a drain or perhaps outdoors

Per the vendor: It weighs 56lbs.

I bought this unit on the last woot for 199. It works well at cooling my room which is about 15 x 13. I also use it when doing laundry because my apartment doesn’t vent to the outside so the whole place gets humid when drying. It works great as a dehumidifier. I just turn it on when I do laundry and it never gets humid at all. It does have an auto evaporation feature so you are not supposed to have to drain it often. I’ve had mine for about a month and haven’t drained it yet.

The drain plug is in the back on the bottom, but you are correct there is no hose. If you unscrew the cap the water just starts coming out so I guess you need to take it outside before undoing the cap. You will get a warning light to tell you when the water tank is full and needs to be emptied. I’ve only had the AC for a few days so I don’t know how long it takes for the tank to fill up.

Do not be surprised if you find you need a hose and a container to drain it. There is a lot of difference between humidity in Arizona and

Did I miss the wattage rating? Any info on locked rotor amps and running amps?

A SHIT TON! LOL JK! It has the rolling wheels/casters so its easy enough to move around but it weighs around 50+lbs i believe.

Did you ever find the answer to this? Im wondering myself.

Darn. One arrived with serious cosmetic damage. Grrrrrrr…

Not impressed! The unit looks great but my 3 year old Haier in window 8,000BTU unit beats the pants off of this portable newer model. In a 150sq. ft. room, it took almost two hours to lower the temperature 1 degree: from 80 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit! It was practically worthless in my son’s room which is about another 100 sq. ft. larger. And, yes, I tried my window unit in my son’s room: it took about 15-20 minutes to lower the temperature about 5-7 degrees. Very disappointing! (The unit also arrived damaged, though the damage appears to non-functional.)