Haier Dishwashers (Your Choice)

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Haier Dishwashers (Your Choice)
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No. No, no, no. I sell appliances for a living, and Haier is not the brand you want for your dishwasher. 60dB is not quiet, and 4th of July sales are everywhere. Spend an extra $50 and get yourself something reputable.

If you don’t care about how quiet it is, would it then be worth it?


If, say, you don’t sleep in your kitchen, for instance…

Crazy, I know – let’s just call this a thought experiment. Would this be HYPOTHETICALLY appropriate for HYPOTHETICAL people who do not sleep in their kitchen?

haier products are absolute junk.

That must be how Haier sells more home appliances than any other manufacturer in the world, even before their pending purchase of GE’s appliance division.

I’d be tempted to think a louder dishwasher might have harder spraying going on.

Recommendations plz. I need to replace our DW.

Here’s a review for the same washer:


How long is the warranty time? Will it still works if it is onnected to the power supply all the time?

1 year by Haier, according to the Features tab.

Ummmmm, I think that is the only way it will work…

Actually the noise in dishwashers mostly come from the food grinder. The quieter ones do not grind the food up but have a filter you clean out once a month.

I wouldn’t go over 50 DB level. 57 will be pretty loud.

If you are on an extremely limited budget and didn’t care about noise (because you sleep outside the kitchen), this would be an OK choice. Note: it will likely die before other brands, so consider how long you will be in this residence.

Otherwise, if your budget can afford $50 to $100 more, look elsewhere.

I know what you’re talking about. I paid $75 for a nearly new dishwasher. An acquaintance bought a condo and her dishwasher was right on the other side of the wall from the bedroom. She only asked for $75. I’m in a ranch and my master bedroom is on the other side of the house. I saved a bundle because I didn’t care. It’s not a concern for some people.

I just purchased a Bosch dishwasher that is 44db. It is so quiet that they have a red dot light that shines on the floor to let you know that it is running. Guessing this one sounds like a jet engine ready for take-off.

We had this model in our apartment while building our house, So I can’t speak for longevity. It did an acceptable job cleaning using the finish powerball packs.

We could stand in the kitchen and still hear each other talk and my ears never bled from the dishwasher noise.

So for the price I would say it is a good buy, again keeping in mind I used it less than a year, so I have no idea on how long it last.

I’ve been also looking at Dishwashers. Your local library should have the consumer reports ratings. It appears that there is a trade off. Sound for length of cycle. The Consumer Reports best buy was a Bosh that I found elsewhere at a web appliance retailer for about $650.

Noise matters. Many houses are now open concept so noise from the kitchen carries right over to the living room. My 10 year old Kitchenaid is so noisy that the several times it drains during a cycle I have to pause the TiVo for a minute until it completes that function.

If you have an open concept house, don’t get a noisy dishwasher.